More proof that Lovie Smith is an idiot.


I think we all agree that nothing should surprise us on the decisions (most of which, are dumb) by Lovie Smith.

Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune wrote this article that is solid evidence of that statement. Devin Hester may be replaced by some new guys.

As we have seen in the last five seasons, Lovie Smith does not disappoint when it comes to making stupid decisions. Whether it’s calling a play or making decisions with the roster, he is in a league of his own. One thing that has been beaten repeatedly is what Devin Hester’s role on the team is. I have been screaming for him to just do punt/kick returns and nothing else. If they want to throw him on offense for a play or two a game, fine. But what Lovie did to him starting in the 2008 season of taking him off returns really messed him up. It took until 2010 for Hester to be put back on kick/punt returns full-time. In that year, he became the all-time leader for punt/kick return touchdowns. If it’s not broke, why fix it?

Teams who play the Bears shit themselves when they see Devin Hester standing on the other side of the field for punts and kickoffs. The Bears are almost guaranteed to get great field position everytime he sits back there. We’ve all seen teams do squib kicks. He doesn’t even have to touch the ball and they can still get great field position.

They don’t do the same for people like Johnny Knox. By the way, fuck Johnny Knox. I feel really bad that his back snapped in half and I never would wish that on anybody. But he was the same guy who was the reason why Cutler broke his thumb. The guy will be back sometime during the season but I prefer he stays on the sidelines. He’s not very good at football. You know who is? Devin Hester (when used properly).

How is he used properly? When he isn’t on offense for more than a play or two a game. When he back on ever punt/kick returner. But if he isn’t, you can be convinced (once again) that Lovie Smith is an idiot and has no business being the head coach of the Chicago Bears. Here are a few comments from that article:

“Smart! Why would we want Hester returning kicks?  He’s only the best in history.”

“Yep take the greatest return man in the history of the NFL and continue the failed attempt at making him a WR.  If he was not a return man, he wouldn’t even be in the NFL.”

“This would be beyond dumb.”

Glad I am not the only one.

3 Responses to “More proof that Lovie Smith is an idiot.”

  1. Tony Cossio Says:

    I was worried about this when they aquired two return specialist. What the fuck is this guy thinking, seriously.

    Ok, it didn’t work out great last time, you think it’s going to be better with Brandon Marshall? It could be that he stretches the coverage, but why not just have Devin Thomas fufill that role?

    They do not need another slot reciever, they already have one. This makes no sense and hopefully he is talking through his ass just to keep other defenses on their toes.

  2. chucky Says:

    Lovie talks out his ass alright. But it isn’t to keep other other defenses on their toes. Lovie does it because he’s a goddamn retard.

  3. Tony Cossio Says:

    You just may be right. I was listening to ESPN1000 and found out Hester will make 8-13 million the next two years.

    Hester is valuable, and I do think the field position is very valuable, but 8-13 million can be used on a real WR.

    Regardless on Hester’s value, he cannot be the Bears no. 2. Or three, or four.


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