Thoughts on the Bears and the Draft.


This draft was rather a surprising one for most including myself. While I wrote last week that I wouldn’t mind if the Bears took a player that was an offensive lineman in the first round, I found myself a bit disappointed that they didn’t take one in the second or third round. That being said, I think overall, Emery did a solid job.

1. Shea McClellin: This one caught a lot of people by surprise. From what I have heard, he was rising to the top of most “expert’s” lists of who should be chosen in the first round. He can play either defensive end or outside linebacker which could be good news. I also read that this guy could be part of a 3-4 defense when Lovie is out the door next season. Good to know Emery is preparing to fire him if they don’t win the Super Bowl this year.

2. Alshon Jeffrey: The Bears drafted a wide receiver who can actually…catch the ball. That makes three guys (Marshall and Bennett being the other two) that the Bears have on offense. This is wonderful because now, Johnny Knox is a fourth or fifth option instead of the first or second.

3. Brandon Hardin: A safety. Anybody other than Major Wright Wrong is better in my opinion. Chris Conte and Chris Steltz can fight it out for the other safety position.

4. Evan Rodriguez: I was pissed off when the Bears traded Greg Olsen. Olsen had speed and could catch the ball when given the chance. Thanks to Mike Martz, he’s gone. Now Rodriguez is here. He’s supposedly pretty fast for a tight end. Kellen Davis and Matt Spaeth both suck so having those guys as a backup would be refreshing.

5. Isiah Frey: All of you already know my opinion on the cornerbacks the Bears already had before this guy so I am all for Frey getting a chance to play. Stat time (Cue Irish Yeti): 5 interceptions and 21 pass deflections in his last year in college. So I am assuming he can cover receivers in college. Can he do the same in the NFL unlike the guys the Bears have right now?

6. Greg McCoy: See #5 (Minus the stats).

The Bears also signed 11 undrafted players to contracts including an offensive lineman out of Troy named James Brown. I still wish they could have taken a lineman in the second or third round but I still think these picks were good choices. Going into training camp, the Bears have two new offensive lineman in Brown and Chilo Rachal whom they signed as a free agent from the 49ers. With Carimi being on schedule to be ready at the start of camp, the Bears should have enough on the offensive line.

Feel free to add your thoughts.

9 Responses to “Thoughts on the Bears and the Draft.”

  1. Tony Says:

    Agree that McCellin was the better pick at the time with Ingram gone (it sucks that the Bolts took him right before the Bears). The question is whether he would be better than Mercilous, Perry, or Chambers. We’ll see. Personally thought IL guys are overrated and McCellin is certainly smarter and faster (second best time in his position). He’s a little soft but you can always add muscle.

    The big thing is playing with Peppers, he will not see a lot of double teams.

    Alshon was a steal.

    Scratching my head on the Saftey pick. Good Athlete but did not play last season and is not expected to start. Looks like they are loading up on special teams. I would’ve picked up a takle at that spot but they picked up a good undrafted tackle (James Brown, a 6-3 1/2, 306-pound offensive tackle who was considered a third- or fourth-round pick but went undrafted). They say he is a little small to play Tackle, but I don’t know what else you would use him for, I don’t like the “moving him to guard” talk.

    The good thing with not drafting a tackle is that the undrafted guys know the Bears will probably take them, so there will be a lot of competition.

    It seems the plan is to throw as many CB’s in the mix and see who pans out.

    Line was not a priotrity, with Carimi, Spencer, Garza, and Williams healthy, they should be in good position now with Martz’s shit out the window.

    I think Lovie keeps his job if they make the Playoffs and win the first round.

  2. dfm Says:

    Hate to break it to you but Johnny Knox will never play football again. A friend of mine’s kid just had him at their school (my friend skipped out on work to see him) and he looks grim.

  3. chucky Says:

    Even if Knox does come back, will his head be in the game? That type of injury was fucking gruesome. He might not be able to get past the mental part of it.

    The same can be said of Derrick Rose. There is talk of him having to change his game style, and maybe overprotecting his knee.

    Knox’s back was a far worse injury, and I just hope he can be OK mentally afterward, even if he doesn’t play football anymore. Honestly, I think he should retire.

    Tony….I hope you’re wrong about Lovie. From the first day he got here, I couldn’t stand him.

  4. DVXPrime Says:

    Glass half empty time:

    1) Two different drafts, two different GMs, ONE OL player drafted in those two years. This, in the aftermath of over 95 sacks taken by this team in the last two seasons.

    2) 45 OL positions players drafted this year…none of them drafted by the Bears. Once again: 95 sacks over the last two seasons.

    Do we REALLY have enough depth and talent on the O-line right now to justify blowing off that area in the draft?

    3) Quite a few CBs but only ONE safety? You mean we REALLY can’t get someone to push Tillman, who has been burned quite a few times in the last two years?

    If Lovie’s fat fingers were involved in this draft, somebody better fire a few warning shots across his bow. No on-field leadership, poor player management, outdated game-planning and tactics (the Cover Two, again? really?), and oh yeah…that STUPID ass Obama campaign video (way to alienate your fan base Lovie; Republicans buy Bears tickets, too…//off soapbox)…If Cutler takes 10 sacks or goes down like Theismann, Lovie may as well hand in his resignation the next day.

    If Emery has beefed up the OL and S issues before the draft, please correct me; otherwise, I think we have a little more work to do before training camp. Regardless, Emery and Teddy-bear Phillips better let Lovie know: Super Bowl or pinks slip this year.

  5. ed Says:

    DVX Prime, I have go agree with you. With Phil Emery’s outstanding work in the offseason FA Period….the draft was kind of a shock. No one expected Reiff or Decastro to be available at 19. When they were HOW DO YOU NOT TAKE ONE OF THEM. You could have then traded up to take Mclellan if he was your DE. At a minimum, you take MClellan in 1 and Konz in 2. I completely disagree with picking Alshton. More pressing needs. We added SOLID wr talent in the FA….and could have done well with a guy like Marvin Mcnutt in the sixth. Darryl Drake has proven his incompetence in the development of WR talent…

    The O LINE SHOULD have been a priority this year…as it should have for the past several.

    New GM, same draft philosiphy. THe new GM was required to embrace Lovie Smith’s philosiphies. I HOPE, I PRAY this is Phil Emery giving Lovie Smith the rope he is going to need to hang himself.

    Sweet Feathery Jesus…to ignore the offensive line under the conditions of the 2012 draft should be criminal!

    Lovie Lee Smith should have been fired long ago, should have been fired last year…and had better be fired this year…regardless of season outcome. A victory this year does not erase his entire body of work. His piss poor coaching and personnel decisions, his incompetence, ineptness, and imbecility are a plague on this great city.

    Mediocrity should not be an option and should not be accepted.

    Lovie Lee Smith must go!

  6. Tony Says:

    (1) Stop right there. DeCastro is a Guard, they need at the most a tackle. Maybe you could shift one of the other gaurds to tackle, but the O-Line gave up only 9 sacks in the Bears 6-1 stretch.

    (2) Drafting “needs” is not always the best option. That aside, the Bears NEED two WR’s. Jonny Knox is out of the question, even if he came back and wasn’t injured, he sucks. Alshon was great value at where the Bears got him.

  7. Fro Dog Says:

    I agree with Tony. I feel bad for Knox and what happened but he sucked anyway. He slipped on his route that lead the interception that injured Cutler and I would assume some are forgetting why he got injured. Because he fumbled the damn ball. Hang on to it and nothing probably happens.

  8. Tony Says:

    I forgot about that….But if he did not cause that interception, the Bears would have been in the Playoffs, and Jerry Angelo may still be the GM.

    Every cloud has a silver lining, and Cutler’s injury lead to Jerry’s firing.

    I was pissed that Lovie was going for that useless win, we would have moved up a couple slots and have a shot at Ingram or would have gotten Ashlon without giving up a fifth-rounder.

  9. genrebuster Says:

    OK, ed gets a gold star for his paragraph on Lovie Lee Smith…EXCELLENT!


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