Derrick Rose out for the year with a torn ACL.


The Bulls were up 15 or so with a few minutes to go and Thibodeou still left him in. There was no reason for it. He did this shit all the time. There were a few games earlier in the year when they were up 20-something with a few minutes and all the starters were still in the game. Fuck this.

Bears article coming up soon.

12 Responses to “Derrick Rose out for the year with a torn ACL.”

  1. Pie In The Sky Says:

    But… but… they needed to make sure they didn’t blow a 12-point lead with 90 seconds to go! They needed that momentum heading into Game 2! You gotta compete for 48 minutes!!!

    With a torn ACL, I can’t see him back until sometime in 2013 (or they’ll rush him back, which would be beyond stupid with what they’ve seen of him this year).

  2. chucky Says:

    He’s not only done for the remainder of the playoffs, but he’s got to be out for some portion of next season too. ACLs don’t get better over night.

    This could be a real disaster, depending on how bad that tear is. I haven’t heard how severe it is yet.

  3. DVXPrime Says:

    Okay, you alrerady got the news, so I’ll spare everybody from posting The Score article.

    Hawks are already done, now this. And Da Bears still haven’t drafted an OL. Gonna be a long-ass spring and summer.

  4. chucky Says:

    DVX….you didn’t even mention baseball. “Long-ass spring and summer” may be a big understatement.

  5. Fro Dog Says:


    Didn’t you have a torn ACL back in the day? I know you tore your shoulder up and it’s been known that it hasn’t healed.

  6. Tony Cossio Says:

    The apologist are already out there on the sports forums, “but they had problems closing, they were losing a 20 point lead”. Blah. My Grandma could hold out a 12 point lead with 90 seconds.

    Coach Thibs gets the blame on this one, but not let Derrick off the hook.

    What a ridiculous play to be that aggressive and hop around like that, smh.

  7. Fro Dog Says:

    Thibodeau has done this numerous times throughout the the two seasons he has been here. As mentioned in the post, numerous games this year, the Bulls were up by a much larger margin with a few minutes to go. Most of the starters were still in the games when clearly, guys like Lucas, Watson, Scalabrine, etc. should have been in there.

    Even in this game, the Bulls had a 20 point lead with the quarter halfway done. Even though the Bulls are known to blow these leads, the starters still should have been on the bench.

  8. chucky Says:

    Fro….it wasn’t an ACL. Just torn cartilage and some rather minor clean up. Somewhat painful stuff, and I’m probably due for more clean up, but not very serious. The shoulder thing will probably be with me the rest of my life.

    Tony….you are correct in stating that this is on Thibs. And you are not alone in that opinion. A shitload of people are calling him out for this. He not only jeopardized the rest of the playoffs, but a good portion of next years regular season too.

  9. genrebuster Says:

    Play smart and coach smart….or LOSE.

  10. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Honestly, if NBA players could make free throws better than many high-school girl basketball teams, maybe 12-point leads with 90 seconds left wouldn’t be a concern.

    Just baffles me why so many NBA players (or even college players) can only make 50-60% of their free throws.

  11. Fro Dog Says:

    The following is from what a doctor said on NBC 5 in Chicago.

    While torn a torn ACL is common in sports, the recovery time can vary. In non-athletes, full recovery could be around six months. With athletes, it’s anywhere from six months to a full year because the athletes have to get surgery, do the rehab, get back in shape, etc.

    I really don’t think he is going to be the same ever again.

  12. DVXPrime Says:

    Absolutely shitty weekend. D-Rose finished for the playoffs and may be late for the 2012-2013 season, Cubs and Sox continue to suck, my beloved Fire lost (so much for Plan B), and FORTY-FOUR OFFENSIVE LINE POSITION PLAYERS WERE DRAFTED AND THE FUCKING BEARS DIDN’T DRAFT ANY OF THEM!!! WHY DAMMIT WHY?!?!?


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