Notes on the Blackhawks and Bears.


The Blackhawks for the second year in a row were eliminated in the first round. I am not surprised as I thought even in the regular season that the Coyotes were a better team. In the regular season, Mike Smith shut them out twice and he shut them out last year when he was with the Lighting. The guy is good. The Blackhawks scored on fluke goals or with an extra attacker late in the games. That being said, the Blackhawks had a chance to win this series. Corey Crawford pissed himself in this series and he was the difference. Every game in this series, he played great for the first half of the game. Then the second half and overtime rolls around and he turned into Cristobal Huet by allowing soft goal and soft goal. It didn’t help that the Blackhawks scored just one power play out of 18 or so chances.

I am not a hockey expert, but the Blackhawks need a lot of a help come this offseason. While the goalie situation should be looked at, it won’t. But they can try to get a center as well as two defenseman. I am not going to sit here and say who they should get but as long as Sean O’Donnell and Andrew Brunette aren’t brought back, I’ll be happy. Those guys sucked.

Moving on, we have the draft coming up Thursday. I mentioned before that Emery is doing the best job possible with free agents and trades so far. Unlike Angelo, he is addressing the depth of this team through offseason moves before the draft begins. I would like Emery to draft a wide receiver or cornerback in the first round but I have no problem with him taking an offensive lineman. I believe the Bears have at least six picks this year. In no particular order, they need a wide receiver, offensive lineman (maybe two), linebacker, cornerback, safety and a defensive lineman.

Whatever direction Emery goes, I’m all for it. The draft is supposedly his strength. Now comes the problem. Say all pieces fall into place, does Lovie Smith fuck it all up by misusing players and putting them in positions to fail? He’s done it before (See Devin Hester). In my opinion, it’s Super Bowl victory or get fired Lovie. That’s how it should be. He’s failed in eight seasons.

Feel free to add your thoughts.

11 Responses to “Notes on the Blackhawks and Bears.”

  1. Robert Says:

    can we start calling our closer ciggarette you know mar blow

  2. genrebuster Says:

    I have zero confidence in Lovie Smith.

  3. chucky Says:

    Genre….. anybody with two brain cells left has zero confidence in Lovie Baker.

  4. DVXPrime Says:


    Please, Phil…at least one of each this weekend…that’s all I ask.

    The Bulls open the playoffs, and there’s plenty of The Sport that Shall Not Be Named this weekend. I’ll cruise the internet and praise/curse the Bears to the heavens on Monday depending on what they do.

    Fuck watching the draft…unless the fans are allowed to throw foam bricks/throw water balloons/shoot Nerf super soakers at the GMs for making dumbass moves, it’s out of our hands.

    Oh, and somebody punch Mel Kiper in his smug ass mouth.

    No matter what happens, Phil better have this type of talk before the season: “I got you the players. Now: do you get Chicago a Super Bowl, or do I cut you a severance check?”

  5. DVXPrime Says:

    …this type of talk with Lovie. OOOPS.

  6. chucky Says:

    DVX……I’ll punch Kiper, if you kick Chris Berman in the nuts.


  7. MadCityMac Says:

    Chucky, PLEASE let me be the one to kick Chris Berman in the nuts? That asshat’s schtick is just old and tired…and if I can do the same to everybody else on that damn network, except Bob Ley, I’d be a happy happy camper! Still wouldn’t mind nailing Suzie Kolber though…

  8. Fro Dog Says:


    Unfortunately, Joe Namath has already called dibs on Kolber.

  9. chucky Says:

    Mike….he’s all yours pal! And Fro…..Namath will have to take a backseat to me on Suzi Kolber. SHE’S ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!

  10. Fro Dog Says:

  11. chucky Says:

    Fro…..Joe is just a happy guy.

    Goddamn that is funny as hell. Thanks for finding it Fro!


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