Of course this is NOT the year.


ESPN is reporting that The Cubs have put reliever Kerry Wood on the 15-day disabled list with right shoulder fatigue.

 I’ve always been somewhat sympathetic towards Wood, mainly because I believe that the toothpick chomping idiot played a key role in his deterioration….but also because he seems like a good guy with a big heart…   baaaah baaaaah  baaaaah baaaaaah

Our good friend chucky just posted this in an open thread, I think it deserves the spotlight:

“My question is, isn’t time to finally cut this guy loose once and for all? I’m so fucking sick of “he’s a real Cub”, or “we need his leadership in the clubhouse” bullshit I could goddamn scream! Enough is enough! Ricketts needs to be taken to the woodshed for this shit. This asshole is taking a fucking roster spot from someone who is far more deserving, or someone to possibly showcase for a trade. Instead, we get more sentimental horseshit from an owner who, as far as I’m concerned, still doesn’t know his fucking ass from a hole in the ground. This whole damn thing is completely on Fanboy. Wood NEVER should have been brought back.”

Unless there is a clause in the contract that allows the Cubs to sever ties with a buyout (based on number of days on the disabled list), I’d tend to agree, at least from a competitive standpoint.

Here’s an idea for IDIOT fanboy Ricketts to ponder: Base all future hiring decisions on THE FACT that the Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908 (!!!)…and that long-time fans have had enough with “the losing”. Now there’s something to get emotional and sentimental about!


23 Responses to “Of course this is NOT the year.”

  1. genrebuster Says:

    chucky, I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your comments from the previous thread.

  2. chucky Says:

    Not at all genre. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way too. Feel free to borrow my stuff any time you see fit.

    I know that a lot of people said that this would be bad for some time. But nobody can give me a logical explanation for sending Wood out there. His career is over. I wish he and Fanboy would get that through their cement heads.

  3. MadCityMac Says:

    I feel bad for Wood because, as Scott put it, he seems like a nice guy, but as we all know sentiment has no place in this organization. Wood was nothing more than Fanboy’s “mascot”, as Boers and Bernstein put it so well. Al Yellon should have his pathetic ass kicked hard for his lobbying Fanboy to re-sign Wood. Just more “friendly confines, holy cow, hey hey, go Cubs go, wait til next year, this is the year, keep the troughs, more statues, no advertising, the goat, 7th inning stretch, sheeple” FUCKING BULLSHIT! Enough is fucking ENOUGH!

  4. MadCityMac Says:

    Wow, I feel better after that!

  5. genrebuster Says:


    Jon Greenberg makes some good points, including this one:

    “But I think something is wrong with an organization when Wood is on the DL, The Noodle is the hottest thing at any corner, and a real-life major leaguer like Marshall was traded for next to nothing. It should make Cubs fans mad. (The good news in that department is a Cubs game has never been cheaper. The secondary ticket market is more flea market right now.)”

  6. chucky Says:

    Just heard Rosenbloom on the Score say Marlon Byrd has been traded to the Red Sox. Anybody else hear about it? I’ve found nothing else so far.

  7. Pie In The Sky Says:


    If true, Boston is even more clueless than I thought.

  8. DVXPrime Says:

    The real bad thing about the Wood signing: EVERYBODY knew the Cubs would be fortunate to finish above that other dumpster fire on Houston in ’12. But nooo…instead of getting some cheap minor leaugers with potential who could be key players on a contending Cubs team in a couple of years, the Cubs re-signed Wood. Oh, look, he’s already hurt and the season’s barely three weeks old. Sorry, Kerry…but the sooner the Cubs send you packing, the better.

    I see dumbass moves like this, and I wish I was in the Chicago Fire’s PR department sending out hot chicks in Hooter’s like outfits to Wrigley and the Cell (or at least as close as legally possible) to pass out flyers and free tickets to Fire games.

    Fro and genre, you guys are gonna ban me mentioning the soccer team, but I am just as frustrated as everybody else with the way Major Leauge (?) Baseball is run in this town. The Cubs were owned by TribuneCo, who can’t even program their “superstation” to put on decent TV programming. The White Sox won a World Series, then completely forgot how to put a winning team together ever since. The Cubs and the Sox have completely killed my desire for baseball anymore…why should any reasonable fan devote time and money to teams who don’t love them back? Especially in Chicago, with this economy?

    Wrigley Field and The Cell need to be empty-ass ghost towns until the Ricketts and Reisendork pull their collective heads out of their asses and start trying to build actual contenders. And if those Cubs and Sox fans spend a Cubs or Sox gameday (and the $$$) at Toyota Park, maybe the knuckleheads in charge will start paying attention.

    Oh…and the Bulls and Black Hawks both won last night…so did the Fire. Ummm…hip-hip-hooray?

    //off soccer soapbox

  9. Fro Dog Says:


    You have nothing to worry about. We won’t ban you. Rant on about whatever it is that is bothering you.

  10. genrebuster Says:

    DVXPrime, I wouldn’t ban you for mentioning soccer, just don’t let it get out of hand (hehehe)

    Your point re: empty-ass ghost towns is a good one and if there aren’t real signs of positive movement by the end of the year, I’m all for it.

    The ONLY reason I’m still watching the Cubs–that said, from a distance and not on a daily basis–is out of some hope that Theo Epstein has a better chance of turning this garbage barge around than any of his predecessors. Mostly a gut reaction based on the Red Sox winning twice under his watch, after an 86 year drought… (baaaaaah baaaaaaaah baaaaaaaaah baaaaaaaah).

    Feel free to disparage!

  11. chucky Says:

    Great rant DVX.

    My compliments sir.

  12. DVXPrime Says:

    Thank you chucky, fro dog, and genrebuster…and a special shout out to MadCityMac:

    “Just more “friendly confines, holy cow, hey hey, go Cubs go, wait til next year, this is the year, keep the troughs, more statues, no advertising, the goat, 7th inning stretch, sheeple” FUCKING BULLSHIT! Enough is fucking ENOUGH!”

    Ummm…fuck, yeah?

    But as long as the Bulls and Hawks keep winning, I’ll keep the soccer to a minimum.

  13. chucky Says:

    DVX…..Just the Bulls.


  14. jimmyd Says:

    Please, PLEASE, PRETTY FUCKING PLEASE!!! Can we END the fucking MARMOL experiment??? PLEASE???

  15. genrebuster Says:

    …why not trade Marmol and keep Marshall? Ooops, too late!

  16. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Why not trade Marmol and keep Marshall?

    What are you? An idiot?

    Did you forget that a genius owns this team? Trust him…

  17. chucky Says:

    Carlos Marmol is a very serviceable closer. I can’t believe you guys don’t want a guy like him on our team! He’s just as serviceable as Kevin Gregg.

  18. Kevin Gregg Says:


  19. genrebuster Says:

    What are the odds that Marmol is gone next year?

  20. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    The longer Epstein/Hoyer wait to trade him, the less he becomes worth a damn. Teams will be desperate for bullpen help come June/July so look for him to be gone by then. If they can get a pitcher and an outfield prospect in return, I’d make that trade right now.

  21. chucky Says:

    STOP TALKING HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Fro Dog Says:


  23. chucky Says:

    OK. I’ll like it.


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