Even after he is long gone, Jerry Angelo is still screwing the Bears.


I mentioned probably 20 times last season that Jerry Angelo should have given Matt Forte a blank check and let him fill in the numbers for a new contract. Now, Forte could be on the verge of leaving after this upcoming season.

As each day goes by, the price goes up even more. Phil Emery inherited a mess and even he, may not be able to get out of this. With running backs getting ridiculous money such as LeSean McCoy of the Eagles or Marshawn Lynch of the Seahawks, Forte should have been paid before any of them. I will say that other teams are dumb and give outrageous money to players of a lesser talent. Unfortunately, owners and general managers are stupid and that’s what drives demands through the roof. However, Forte was quiet about this last offseason and he tried to handle it with peace. He showed up to camp on time, played and didn’t bitch about it. I can understand why he is now frustrated.

The Chicago Bears and Jerry Angelo in particular, low-balled Matt Forte last year. He could have been signed to the money he wanted at the time last year for a much cheaper price than what he will get either by the Bears or another team now. I highly doubt the Bears would give the franchise tag to the same player in consecutive years. I don’t know if any teams has done it to the same player twice. If Forte leaves, I am not going to blame him and neither should anyone else. He’s one of the few players in the league that after that happened, still showed up to practice and play. As mentioned above, Emery is in a mess and he shouldn’t be blamed if Forte doesn’t get his new contract from the Bears. Jerry Angelo should.

17 Responses to “Even after he is long gone, Jerry Angelo is still screwing the Bears.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Just like Theo Epstein has to do with the Cubs, Phil Emery has a massive clean up job to do with the Bears. My only regret is that he hasn’t got the authority to get rid of the OLD BITCH.

    Get used to my referring to Virginia as OLD BITCH. I will not refer to her as anything else than OLD BITCH.

  2. DVXPrime Says:

    No complaints here, chucky. She’s a big girl. She is an NFL owner, albeit a dowager. Taking slings from an unhappy paying fanbase comes with the territory.

  3. Pie In The Sky Says:

    10 in a row. Joe Mather is our New No. 3 hitter. They still haven’t won a game since Kerry Wood retired. Seems like everybody quit when Kerry Wood quit last Friday.

  4. DVXPrime Says:

    Cubs are playing Pissburgh this weekend. Nice way to honor America’s war dead: paying MLB prices to watch Double-A talent.

    Any bets on whether the Cubs break the record longest losing streak of 13 in a row?

  5. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Well they have two more games against PIT and then I think 3 against SD who may be worse than us. I’d think that they’d have to accidentally win a game sooner or later this week hehe.

  6. jimmyd Says:

    Yeah, but right now we’re just flat out losing games; trailing pretty much from the beginning. However, word is that Marmol will be ready to return next week. So, then we can get back to leading games (by sizable margins) in the 7th, 8th and 9th innings…only to have that useless excuse for a closer shit himself and destroy an outstanding performance from one of our starters. So, we’ve got that working for us!!!

  7. Yeti Says:

    I remember when they lost a record 13 in a row when they started the season 0-14 in 97

  8. Stat Police Says:

    Psst! Psst! Psst!

  9. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Yeti, are you really criticizing his post because he was 1 loss off the actual record? Really…what’s one more loss anyway? What are you thoughts on this year’s team? Will they come back to win the division?

  10. Pie In The Sky Says:


  11. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:


  12. JF Says:

    Question for Yeti: How much older will I be when the Cubs have their first season of being a perennial contender?

  13. Yeti Says:

    MSS, it was a memorable start. 0-14 sticks in most people’s heads. The division is shit and the Cubs won’t come back this year. I’m waiting for 2014 anyway

  14. genrebuster Says:

    1908 sticks in my head.

  15. chucky Says:

    104 years sticks in my head.

    Like a fucking nail.

  16. Pie In The Sky Says:

    2003 sticks in mine.

  17. genrebuster Says:



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