Jeff Van Gundy agrees with yours truly.


I have said many times on this site that I am not an expert; nor have I ever claimed to be one. When I watch a game and then, write about it, I just tell it like I see it. Some may agree and some may disagree. Fine with me. But when an analyst such as Jeff Van Gundy says something that I have continuously bitched about over the years, I feel like I am convinced that what I have written about, is correct for the most part.

I got home from work Saturday with absolutely nothing to do. I decided since there wasn’t anything else on TV, I watched Game 7 between the Sixers and Celtics. It was a good game and I am glad the Celtics won. During the 3rd quarter, a player on the Celtics made a turnover that the Sixers took advantage of by scoring right after. The Celtics call a timeout and after the commercial break, Van Gundy talked about how turnovers are costly and if a team has a habit of making a lot of them, they lose most of those games. Then, he summed it up by saying how teams have a tendency to beat themselves more than get beaten by their opponents because of forced turnovers. He gave an example of a play such as not taking their time bringing the ball up the court and trying to force it into the post at unnecessary times.

Needless to say, I feel much better now. I am sure the idiots who disagree will still, disagree. Fine with me. For icing on the cake, Doug Collins in the post-game interview said that turnovers as well as missed free throws in the last quarter sealed their fate.

Thanks Jeff.


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