Open thread.


5 Responses to “Open thread.”

  1. Pie In The Sky Says:


    Speaking of which, is Tony Campana injured or something? There’s no way he shouldn’t be starting in this horrifying lineup.

  2. chucky Says:

    I can’t figure out how Jeff Baker starts and not Brian LaHair. I don’t care if he’s in a slump or not. The whole goddamned team is in a fucking slump. I don’t want to hear the “lefty-righty” bullshit excuse either. They’ve lost 12 straight. Just how well has the whole “lefty-righty” thing worked out?

    Swept by the Sox AND Houston AND Pittsburgh. UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE!!!!!

  3. Pie In The Sky Says:

    LaHair is 2-for-21 with 11 K against left-handed pitchers. Of course, 21 at-bats is such a small sample and he won’t ever get better unless he plays against them. Sveum could keep him in the lineup and just drop him down the order on those days they face LHP (which is what they should do).

    But that won’t happen. Don’t be surprised when Bryan LaHair is benched on Tuesday because they face the big-bad-dominant left-handed pitcher, ERIC STULTS.

  4. JF Says:

    Yeah, LaHair should get more at bats vs LHPs.

    Sveum is in the unenviable position of having to try different things while having the same bunch of nothing to work with.

  5. chucky Says:

    Baker went 1-4 as LaHairs replacement. He got a useless double and scored in the 9th, well after the game was long gone. I know Sveum has nothing to work with here, but come on. LaHair is a better option at first base than Jeff Baker.

    Unless Sveum is under orders from Theo to lose as many games as possible for future drafts. I really don’t want to think that way, because I think he’s better than that. He’s has been quite an improvement in how he conducts himself over last years answer to Dr. Evil.

    Did any of you guys hear the interview with Fanboy Ricketts with Mike Mulligan and David Haugh? Fanboy was stuttering buffoon. I’ll say it right here, right now. The Cubs are in serious, serious trouble.


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