The Giants win the World Series…the Giant win the World Series…


…from our good friend Matt Stairs Superfan:

“Congratulations to San Francisco for winning their second World Series in three years. You see, when teams have good pitching, timely hitting and a strong farm system, they become very successful. Unlike the morons at Clark and Addison that have never figured out how to draft and develop actual talent, sign decent free agents and hire a manager who actually knows the game of baseball. PATHETIC!”

I’d like to add my sincere congratulations to Ryan Theriot for scoring the winning run of this World Series. His current employer is certainly a big step up from the pissant gig of playing for the Chicago Cubs. Two WS Series Championships in 3 years…must be nice!

…back at Wrigley Stadium the sheeple are preparing for a long, cold winter…and the clock is ticking, ever so faintly…

2 Responses to “The Giants win the World Series…the Giant win the World Series…”

  1. chucky Says:

    Well said Matt. Out of the four remaining teams left (SF, St. Louis, Detroit, and New York, the right team won. I really didn’t want to see Detroit win this, mainly because they have one guy on their roster who needs to have his fucking nuts kicked up around his ears.

    Jose Valverde. I absolutely hate this motherfucker more than anybody in sports. I honestly can’t think of another player on a major sports team that I hate more.

  2. Robert Says:

    Theriot has won the last two ws


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