Open thread.


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you guys. I say this every year but it never gets old: Thank you very much for all of your support on this site for the last four years. There isn’t much to be happy about in the world of Chicago sports. The Bears are beginning to collapse, the Bulls still suck and will continue to and there still isn’t hockey. It looks like if there isn’t an agreement in the next two or three weeks, the entire season will be canceled. We can all thank Gary Bettman for that. It’s the fourth lockout in 20 years and for possibly the second time in eight years, an entire season could be wiped away.

Have at it folks.

15 Responses to “Open thread.”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    So this season is getting worse and worse for the Bears. Even though Cutler is coming back, Alshon Jeffery hurt his knee and is having surgery. He could miss the rest of the season. So now, we’re back to just Marshall and Bennett as the only guys who can actually run a route properly and catch the ball. If I see Dane Sanzenbacher out there Sunday, I am going to puke. Also, Chilo Rachal apparently walked out on the Bears after finding out that Chris Spencer is replacing him on the offensive line.

    I think tight ends and offensive lineman issues will be addressed heavily when the draft arrives in April.

  2. chucky Says:

    Fro….Did you hear Lovies press conference where he got all pissy with I think Brad Briggs? Goddamn, is this guy insecure or what? Even Bernstein is scratching his head about that. And I think Boers wants him fired now. I NEVER thought I’d hear that from those two. If Lovie is back next year it isn’t going to matter what is addressed in the draft. He’ll just fuck them up too.

  3. genrebuster Says:

    What time does Dusty’s dinner start today? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    I hope you all have a GREAT Thanksgiving. 🙂

  4. MadCityMac Says:

    Fro, Happy Thanksgiving to you and everybody else here. Gary Bettman is without a doubt the most useless commissioner ever, and that’s saying something when you consider the other 3 idiots running the other major sports. Useless fucking douchecopters all!

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    Mac, thanks for the good words. Bettman is a douche.

    Chucky, I did not see or hear the press conference but it wouldn’t surprise. Anytime someone wants to question Lovie’s decisions will piss him off. He thinks he’s always doing the right thing but he isn’t. He preaches the same garbage defense that all good teams know how to work around it.

    I am still confident that Lovie will be fire at the end of this season; especially if the Bears don’t make the playoffs. We all saw this coming so it shouldn’t be a surprise. They couldn’t stop the Packers and they nearly lost to the Lions. But here come the Texans and 49ers and they stepped on their throats.

  6. Yeti Says:

    The Texans nearly lost to the Lions. The Texans got their asses stomped by the Packers.

  7. chucky Says:

    Fro…the reason Smith got all pissy was because Biggs brought up that Alshon Jeffrey had his knee scoped, and didn’t let Lovie deliver the news. He’s managed to turn into a bigger joke than even we expected. But he’s still not that funny.

  8. genrebuster Says:

    Yeti. Lovie stinks.The Bears will not win as long as he is around. Any questions?

  9. chucky Says:

    Anybody else thinking that the trainwreck conitues today? Somehow I think Lovies arrogance will really shine through, and the Bears will make the Vikings look like Super Bowl contenders. The vaunted defense will play like old men again, and Jay Cutler will spend his last day on earth as a drooling vegatable thanks the useless o-line. And Lovie will coach this with no sense of urgency…agian. He also intimated this week that todays game wasn’t a “must-win”, while trying to be convincing in saying that “they want to win every game in the worst way”. I’m so fucking sick of his shit I can’t stand it anymore.


    By the way, why would Lovie make changes to the o-line today if they were good enough to win 7 games. I thought he looked at the big picture. Fucking moron.

    Final score: Vikings 27, Bears 13.

  10. Yeti Says:

    Nice prediction

  11. chucky Says:

    And I’ll just bet you couldn’t wait to post that, right asshole. OK, I was outright wrong. When was the last time you admitted you were wrong, dipshit?

  12. Yeti Says:

    One week ago

  13. chucky Says:

    I guess there is a first for everything. That was yours. And evidently, you think you are a dipshit, just like the rest of us do.

  14. Kevin Hill Says:

    ya the Bears beat Minnesota, they always beat Minnesota, beat a good team then I`ll give them props.

  15. genrebuster Says:



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