Game 1 – Chicago’s finest TV anchors: Irish Yeti Region (stats withholding)


Regional matchups: Winner of the Irish Yeti region plays the winner of the Chucky region.

1. Kate Sullivan (CBS 2) vs. 4. Susannah Collins (Comcast SportsNet)

*Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. Central Time Friday.*



Kate Sullivan

Susannah Collins

Kate Sullivan: Kate has been in Chicago for a few years now. She is the weeknight anchor for CBS 2. One thing that catches the eye of most viewers is that she tends to dress a bit more racy than most reporters. Some nights, she will wear a wonderful top exposing some cleavage. Some out there in the internet would think that I would automatically declare Kate a “HOOR”. Not so fast there buddy. She’s fantastic. Check this link for more photos. Here is one to catch your eye in the meantime:


Susannah Collins: Susannah had to be put in this tournament for the lone reason of replacing Sarah Kustok on Comcast SportsNet. Now, Sarah was a very nice person and she did her job to the best of her ability. Collins, however, is much more attractive to me as that was confirmed a month ago while seeing her in person at a Blackhawks game. She also hosts the rather, terrible show called “Gas Money”. Don’t get me wrong. If I had a chance to be on this show to win cash, I would. I am sure she hates going out in public to bars and asking Chicago meatballs to answer simple questions. You can sometimes hear Boers and Bernstein playing clips of this show and you can find out for yourself how dumb some of the people she deals with.

So ladies and gentleman, who do you have in this first match-up? The gorgeous blonde or the up-and-coming broad?

One Response to “Game 1 – Chicago’s finest TV anchors: Irish Yeti Region (stats withholding)”

  1. chucky Says:

    Sack Machine!


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