Game 8 – Chicago’s Finest TV Anchors: Jimmy D. Region


2. Megan Glaros (CBS 2) vs. 3. Cheryl Burton (ABC 7)

*Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. Saturday*

Megan Glaros

Cheryl Burton

Megan Glaros: A former cheerleader for the Colts, Megan Glaros certainly has the looks for TV. I first heard about her a couple years ago when Dan Bernstein mentioned her on The Score. He said something like it’s hard to watch the weather when she is on because he was always staring at her incredibly, large HOGANS. When I started seeing her on TV, I had the same problem. It is really hard to actually look at the map. Lately, when ESPN turns into The Lakers Crisis Channel, I sometimes watch the CBS 2 News at 11 a.m. at work just to get a glimpse of her. I still am holding out this thought that one day, she will be in the middle of her segment and then, this will be said: [We have some wind moving in from the north which will make temperatures cooler for Monday..and for you men watching, my eyes are up *here*. Ok. Now, forecast for tonight…] Sorry Megan. That would be impossible. Click on the picture below.


Cheryl Burton: ABC 7 doesn’t have many attractive women but I can always count on Cheryl Burton to deliver. A former ’85 Chicago Honey Bear, she’s still got it. Sidetrack here, with all the changes the Bears are making, they should seriously consider bringing back cheerleaders of some sort. Like our friends from Fire Ron Turner, the drumline serves no purpose. Back to Cheryl however. Looking at the picture above, what, if any, flaws do you see? None. Age isn’t getting in her way either. She’s pretty damn gorgeous and it’s not fair. Like Megan, she has a great rack too. The picture below is of the Honey Bears. I spotted two women which could very well be Cheryl. Can you guess which one it is?

Who’s it going to be in this clash between former cheerleaders? A star on the rise or the seasoned vet?


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