Mad City Mac and Jimmy D. Region results.


Well ladies and gentleman, we have some upsets in the two regions. First, #1 Micah Materre went down (not literally) to the #4 seed, Anna Davlantes, 17-11. #3 Cheryl Scott ousted her co-worker and #2 seed, Kiiiim Vaatttis, 21-12. Cheryl and Anna will face off in the Elite 8.

In the Jimmy D. region, the closest games were played. #1 Erin McElroy survived the upset over #4 Lauren Jiggetts, 15-14. The same score was for #3 Cheryl Burton as she defeated #2 Megan Glaros and her fabulous rack. Erin and Cheryl go at it for a trip to the Final Four.

And with that, our Elite 8 begins. Also the Bears signed defensive back, Tom Zbikowski. We’ll be getting to the Bears after this tournament wraps up. Thanks to all that voted and these final few games are going to be a beauty. Keep checking back here, the worst site on the internet.

2 Responses to “Mad City Mac and Jimmy D. Region results.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Who is calling this the worst site on the internet Fro? Whoever it is seriously needs to kicked in the fucking nuts.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    It was actually a joke I was saying to all of you guys a few years back. I think Genrebuster agreed to call it this too. I just embrace it. But you know something? You guys are all awesome here. I never take you guys for granted here. I’ve said this a hundred times over the years and it bears repeating: If it isn’t for any of you guys, this site isn’t even up.


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