Most Gorgeous Women On Chicago TV: Irish Yeti Regional Final


#2 Alicia Roman (NBC 5) vs. #4 Susannah Collins (Comcast SportsNet)

*Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. Monday*

From left to right: Tool, HOOR, HOOR, Douchebag, Alicia Roman

Susannah Collins

Susannah pulled the upset in the first game. Can she do it again or does Alicia end her Cinderella run?

2 Responses to “Most Gorgeous Women On Chicago TV: Irish Yeti Regional Final”

  1. jimmy d. Says:


    I can see that Tool and Douchebag are likely related, but I didn’t realize that HOOR and HOOR were twins. Who’d a thunk it???

    Jimmy D.

    P.S. Send me some more of that reddish vajayjay!

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Jimmy D.,

    We’ll get those red heads shipped to you as soon as possible. You’re lady is playing the Elite 8 tomorrow or Tuesday (whenever I get the match-ups going). The championship game will be over the weekend going into Monday if all pans out. This is shaping up to be pretty exciting.


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