The “expert” is here.


Before I get to anything, most of you have requested that I add a name to the title of this site. I wanted to let all of you know that I will grant that request when I get more time to work on it.

Hey, did anybody catch that NBA Finals? Pretty good, huh? For you basketball people out there, let me ask one question:

Do you know why the Spurs lost the Finals? Anybody?

You guessed it. Free throws. I know. It’s like a broken record. But hey. The proof is right there. It was Game 6, the final minute and all that had to be done was for the Spurs to make all of their free throws. If that happens, the trophy is theirs. Simple, right?

Before the idiots (Yeti, TDubbs, Greg, etc.) come in herds, let me say that Gregg Popovich is still one of the best coaches in the NBA and I’d take him over that imposter the Bulls have for a head coach any day of the week. He actually knows when to rest his players and is a better coach overall. In Game 6, his players failed him. They missed free throws and made costly decisions in the final minute that prevented them from winning a title. Sure, he can get blamed for benching Tim Duncan in part of the final two minutes but that’s not the reason why they lost. I am not saying, I am just saying.

Fire  Tom Thibodeou.

20 Responses to “The “expert” is here.”

  1. chucky Says:

    I’m baaaaaack!!!!!

    Actually, I’ve been home a couple of days now, but I’m still dealing with the hangover from surgery. Fro…thank you very much for that post you did with the Chucky doll. I laughed out loud on that one, my fitness friend! Hurt like hell, but it sure was worth it.

    I learned one thing from games 6 and 7 of the finals. LaBron James is a fucking beast. I wish we could see him in Bulls uniform. I’ve heard several people call into radio shows and say that he isn’t that good, or that would rather have Deng or Noah, or some other garbage like that. Those people aren’t worthy of being fans….of any team.

    I watched Marmol implode the other day against the Mets. WHAT THE FUCK IS SVEUM THINKING? Is somebody above him ordering him to put Marmol out there? Unfuckingbelievable performance. Up 3-0 in the bottome of the ninth, 5 batters later the Cubs have lost the fucking game. Hell, even Soriano threw him under the fucking bus! One thing is certain.

    Marmol is no longer a major league caliber pitcher, if he ever was one. So another “FUCK YOU MOE HENDRY!” is in order.him to put Marmol out there?

  2. Yeti Says:

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    I wrote that about a year after that post you decided to show everyone. You see, when I am wrong, I admit it. Unlike yourself, when you’re wrong, you go into hiding for a period of time only to come back like nothing ever happened. You are such a genius!

  4. chucky Says:

    Yeti the douchecopter strikes again. Or, should I say strikes out again?

  5. cubs suck Says:

    Next year when the Heat are giving out the rings they better send Manu Ginobili one… That guy could have started a bakery lastnight with all those turnovers he was serving. Then he just starts launching 3’s at the end,WTF? Maybe LeBron took that guy off to the side before the game and offered him a retirement plan.

  6. Yeti Says:

    He launched one three in the last minute. The previous 3 he attempted was at the 4:20 mark and he made it

  7. cubs suck Says:

    The three he launched was very ill advised considering the time left and situation, Ginobli is from a very corrupt country. This is probably his last year. He was paid to throw these games by high powered mafia types in his country. They made millions and Ginobli no doubt benefitted as well. It’s so obvious. He won’t be back next year. This was his way out with $$$.

  8. chucky Says:

    I see that the “serviceable” Kevin Gregg finally showed his ugly ass face once again. When the hell are the Cubs going to get some decent bullpen help? This goddamned shit is getting really fucking old fast.

  9. Nemo Says:


    What’s the name of that hockey blog you post at?

  10. Fro Dog Says: – It’s also on the right side of the homepage along with other sites.

  11. Nemo Says:

    Thanks, Fro. Can’t believe I forgot about your blogroll, seen it many times.

  12. chucky Says:

    What the fuck! This idiot Rodriguez sucks as bad as Marmol and Gregg. And fucking Sveum sits there like a goddamned retard! Get that motherfucker back to single A where he fucking belongs. This fucking shitstain can’t get a pitch to go further than 58 feet. He’s bouncing the goddamned ball to the catcher. Fucking useless bullpen comes through again.

  13. Robert Says:

    I would like to congratulat Dale Sveum ….he did the impossible he has made mike quadruple look competent ….take a bow dale

  14. chucky Says:

    Yeah, no kidding. One more thing. I’m done with Starlin Castro. The guy completely sucks in the field, and he looks like he doesn’t give a fuck at the plate. He will be at best an average player, or at worst a total bust. And at the rate he’s going, it will be the latter. Trade him now, while he still retains some value for a moron GM.

  15. genrebuster Says:

    Los Cubs stinks.

    Happy Birthday Robert.

  16. cubs suck Says:

    Holy Shit Game 6 Here we go!!Hossa is due and Patrick Kane You Are The MAN!! Go Hawks!!!

  17. jimmy d. Says:


  18. cubs suck Says:

    World Champs!!! Whens the Parade?

  19. jimmy d. Says:

    DVX…how ’bout a little music???

  20. Fro Dog Says:

    Friday. I’ll be there. What about you assholes? I am looking at specifically, YOU, MadCityMac. You couldn’t make it three years ago. Now show up this time!


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