The Bears are on the right track.


People who have read my site all of these years (all three of you), know that I tend to be on the negative side when it comes to our teams. Now, I will say that most of you can say the same seeing how our teams have performed in our lifetimes. It’s been brutal for the most part. When it comes to Chicago sports, we as fans tend to just wait for a collapse because really, that’s usually what happens. However, with the Bears, I’ve felt good about this team since Phil Emery was put in charge to run the show. I became even more optimistic when Lovie Smith was shown the door after last season.

Yes. It’s still frustrating to see them play even now but you cannot convince me that they are worse than last year. I think they are a much better team this year even though the defense continues to suck. Does it make you want to scream at the TV when the Bears outplay a team like the Vikings, yet, have to come back in the final minute to win it? Yes. Does it piss you off that the Bears get a three touchdown lead on a then, win-less Steelers team only to let them back in it in the final quarter? Sure. Does it suck to almost lose to the win-less Giants? Yes.

This brings me to Phil Emery. I think his first offseason, he was trying to figure out the team which I think all general managers do during the first time they draft players. This last draft, Emery seemed to focus heavily on helping the offense. In one offseason, he fixed the offensive line completely. He signed free agents Matt Slauson and Jermon Bushrod (by cracky). He then drafts Kyle Long and Jordan Mills. Most of you will agree, the offensive line has been solid all year.

With this next draft, I don’t think there is any doubt that Emery will focus solely on fixing the defense. The Bears need help everywhere on this side of the ball. The most important, being the line. I think secondary should follow that with linebackers being addressed last. Regardless, we all should have complete faith in Emery to do this. A lot of the players will be free agents this year and he made it clear that no contract extensions will be given until the season is completed. He is telling everyone to earn their paycheck and that’s how it should be. This makes me feel really good about the team going forward.

I am not going to go far as saying the Bears will miss the playoffs. In fact, I think they have a very good chance to make the playoffs this year. As we all know, once a team is in the playoffs, they have just as much of a chance as any other team. Anybody expect the Ravens to win the Super Bowl last year or even win it? Raise your hand if you did. Anybody? Exactly.

9 Responses to “The Bears are on the right track.”

  1. Ed Says:

    This is an exciting time to be a Bears fan. Certain aspects have me frustrated…but overall there should be no frustration. THey have a new coaching staff…..Coach Trestman is a proven winner, and he has assembled a coaching staff of successful coaches and coordinators…not mostly failures and rejects like their predecessor.

    Still overall some issues that seem like they should not be happening….but we certainly can not blame Emery and Trestman for the injuries on the defensive side of the ball or the lack of depth to minimize the effect of those injuries. It will take these guys more than one off season to overcome nine years of incompetence, ineptness and imbecility at both the GM and HC level here in Chicago. We are seeing a lot of positives on the offensive side of the ball. Emery and Trestman made the decision, the correct decision to address a much neglected offense, which they did very well, and were still able to add some youth to the defense. The defense needs to be blown up and rebuilt…I only hope Mel Tucker is the right man for the job.

    If this was still Lovie Smith’s team, we would have every right to be frustrated. I am frustrated with the situation the Bears are in…not this management and coaching staff’s body of work to date.

    I honestly believe that if Lovie were still here…Brian Urlacher would still be their middle linebacker…and he would have been overpaid to do so. We would not be seeing Alshon Jeffery perform as he is…doubtful the O line or TE would have been addressed as effectively as it was this off season. Oh and Robbie Gould would not have kicked as many field goals as he has this year…because Lovie would not give him a shot on the longer kicks.

    As Bears fans, we should not be frustrated….we should be ecstatic. I hope you get the right focus. The Lovie Smith era is FINALLY over..and that is something Bears Fans should be rejoicing. This is the infancy of a dynasty the likes of which have yet to be seen in the NFL. We need to be patient…not frustrated

  2. Cubs Suck Says:

    Jay Cutler will have his #2 receiver DeAngelo Hall on the field this week, should be an interesting game Sunday

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    I chuckled a bit at that last comment. I remember that game in 2010 you were talking about too. I think Hall had four interceptions with two of them returned for touchdowns. That was not very pleasant.

    Also, something to keep in mind. The Bears have not won a game against the Redskins in over a decade so I think it’s time for that to change.

  4. chucky Says:

    Ed….you are 100% correct. I can’t disagree with one word you have said. I would only add that the main reason the defense is so shitty this year is that we spent 4-5 years trying to get “one more year out of the aging defense”, bullshit that Lovie and Angelo shoved down our throats all the time. They did NOTHING to keep a good defense up to date. Those two stupid fucksticks didn’t just destroy the offense. By the time a new regime was hired they had left behind a severely neglected defense as well.

    Good article Fro, and Ed, I enjoyed reading your comments too. Keep coming back with that!

  5. genrebuster Says:

    yes great comment Ed…however, I must respectfully ask that you and all others refrain from typing “Lovie” as I almost threw up in my mouth when I saw that….Thank You sir!

  6. Fro Dog Says:


    I sincerely apologize for that. You see, with all of the garbage we have witnessed from the previous regime, we can’t help but be excited that the Bears actually have someone who is a head coach now and not an imposter. I’ll take your advice so you won’t have to suffer anymore.

  7. genrebuster Says:

    Fro, no worries. In fact, please consider this my official apology to all for being such a whiny wimp…after all, having survived the “Dusty Baker PATHETIC Toothpick Chomping Idiot era” (courtesy of the Tribune and Zell) I should be able to laugh off “Lovie”…the unlovable LOSER! Hey…”Lovie” and the Cubs have something in common……DOH!

    All kidding aside, I am still overjoyed that “LOVIE” — I didn’t come close to throwing up in my mouth, perhaps the bourbon is helping! (?) – is gone, and the fact that he wasn’t offered a head coaching job by another team speaks volumes.

    I think coach Trestman is a big upgrade, and I expect good, if not great things from the Bears as time marches on.

    I bet Cutler is happier now than he was 1 year ago.

  8. chucky Says:

    Genre…of course Cutler is happier now. The fact that he’s still vertical is just one reason.

  9. genrebuster Says:

    I guess he’s a little less happy today…damn.


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