How many days until Tom Thibodeou will be fired?


Well, a good start for the Bulls at 1-3. If this continues, we’re looking at Christmas Eve. So for you stat wizards out there, that’s 47 days.

David Schuster of 670 The Score believes it as well. He reports players disagreeing with ThomASS in practice as well as in games. While respect is still there, he thinks it could turn into the same situation that happened with Scott Skiles in 2007. Fact is, the players are starting to get restless.

In the words of the late great Owen Hart: Enough is enough and it’s time for a change.

2 Responses to “How many days until Tom Thibodeou will be fired?”

  1. Cubs Suck Says:

    It would help the Bulls if they could make their shots, I didnt check but I assume they are shooting around %30 as a team, and they are missing open shots,not good

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Yeah. Those stats (cue Yeti) aren’t very good. Also, I can see why Mike Dunleavy has not been brought back by all of his previous employers.


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