Marc Trestman is an actual head football coach.


From our good friend DVX in the previous thread:

Just once I would like to see the Bears actually find a way to overcome everything in their path right now…a defense that is too old, too hurt, and too crappy, a second-string QB, a first-year head coach…and pull one of the biggest upsets in this rivalry and steal a big win at Lambeau. How many times have we seen bullshit upsets that we never saw coming? How many times have we seen an 0-fee team pull a win out of its ass late in the season? Is it too much that the Chicago Bears strap on some pride and professionalism, put on the man-pants and fucking go out and bust their ass to WIN THE GAME? LIKE THEY’RE BEING PAID MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO DO???

Go Bears, dammit!!!

Prayers answered.

Unbelievable. Now, we never root for a player, no matter which team it is, to be seriously hurt. I don’t like the Packers but no one could or should hate Aaron Rodgers. He’s one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Unfortunately, he has tortured the Bears too often. However, fans of the Packers have done nothing but give us shit over the years about how their team has only had one or two quarterbacks start in the last 20 years or whatever compared to the 1,365 the Bears have had during that time. For at least one night, the Packers and their fans have finally felt what it was like to go through the garbage that we have endured all of these years.

Offense: Josh McCown is awesome. You’re not. Matt Forte is a man that I love dearly. Martellus Bennett has balls. You don’t. Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery are better than all of the wide receivers the Bears have had since 1995. In fact, they are the best receivers the Bears have ever had. Suck it Curtis Conway.

Defense: Honestly, I was pissed at those huge runs the Packers had throughout the game. I was screaming “TACKLE SOMEBODY YOU PIECES OF SHIT!” all game. The way I saw it, that was the only way the Packers were going to beat the Bears and yet, Seneca Wallace was passing a bit and it didn’t work. Julius Peppers had an interception. Now, let’s look at some more good things. Shea McClellin has been a let down so far in his career but holy shit, he knocked out Aaron Rodgers. Him and Wooten really haven’t done anything in their careers other than hurt a former and current Packer quarterback.

Special Teams: Blocked punts make me ANGRY! Robbie Gould nailing two field goals is muy bien.

With the Rodgers injury, who knows how long he is going to be out. The Bears, at this point, have a legitimate chance to gain some ground in the division with a legitimate chance to win it while Rodgers is sidelined. The Lions are next at home and it’s for first place.

7 Responses to “Marc Trestman is an actual head football coach.”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    I forgot to mention a thing or two in the recap so here it is. First, I am fine with Cutler sitting out another game again. I don’t think he should come back this soon even if he is healthy. The Bears can do just fine with McCown for one more game. It’s very important that he is, for sure, 100% against the Ravens. Reports have him being ready for Sunday’s game but I still believe it wouldn’t be a good idea.

  2. dvxprime Says:

    Bears win, and a blog uses my comments in a post.

    Thank you, Bears!

    Thank you, Fro Dog!

  3. chucky Says:

    Well, I sure as hell didn’t expect THAT. I must still have a Lovie hangover, because I expected a totally shit performance last night. That’s what we would have gotten last year. They actually played well, minus those big ass runs by the Packers. Your headline is spot on Fro. Trestman IS a real NFL head coach. Lovie Smith is not not, has not been, nor ever will be one, as much as he may bullshit others to the contrary.

    By the way, they’re saying today that Rodgers may have a broken collarbone, and may be gone for the year. That is a major disaster for Green Bay.

  4. Cubs Suck Says:

    Good Game Bears! I don’t think they win that game with Jay Cutler considering he statistically throws 1-2 INT’s a game and those number go up in Lambeau. Nice to see Julius Peppers finally earn a paycheck and you make a habit of what you did there Mr. McClellin good things will happen!

    I don’t think Alshon is quite to Marty Booker status yet but hes close, lol

  5. The Don Says:

    Hey Fro Dog. Cool site. I have to tell you…I saw your blog below about the girls on CSN and how they dress. Last night after the game, Cristal was doing their Sportsnet Central show and she was wearing another cross over shirt showing off her rack. I hear you on the irony part with them axing Collins. She has a Twitter so you can message Cristal to tell her what you think!

  6. Raymond Says:

    I am surprised you did not mention Conte. I think we can live with Major Right. But Conte has no business being in NFL. And I hope Trestman gets rid of Mel Tucker and flush this Cover 2 D down the toilet. I mean, they knew that they were going to run the ball, and they still gave up 200 yards. That is just pathetic. Calvin Johnson is going to have a field day against this defense if they continue this retarded scheme.

    Bostic can tackle hard. If he learns not to get duped and end up at the wrong place, he will be a good one.

    Trestman is a hell of a coach. Dom Capers threw all but the kitchen sink at him and he made the right calls. Although they need to work on their screens. BJ Raji broke the screen calls twice. They should not run the screen right at Raji. And their reverse call was too slow and too predictable.

    Eddy Lacey is a monster. Reminded me of the Pittsbrugh Bus. How could we not pick him up in the draft? He would have be a great complement to Forte.

    Loved how Bush laid it on AJ Hawk. The guy is an ass. And Kyle Long is the real deal. Definitely one of the best picks in last year’s draft.

    I live in Cleveland and now thinking of going to see Da Bears play against the Browns in December.

  7. Fro Dog Says:

    Don, I actually don’t have Twitter but that doesn’t surprise me she continues to show them off. It’s a shame Comcast SportsNet continues to hire bimbos with half of a brain and ones that continue to dress like skanks. If I was really an ANGRY guy, I would make a Twitter just to let her know but if anybody else has one and is pissed off about it, go ahead and send her the link to that article. That same thing happened with the Sarah Spain one three years ago so it could work.

    Raymond, I was a bit tired and didn’t think about it when writing the recap. Conte and Wright are Angelo’s guys and we are seeing, all but surely, his picks dwindling away. Emery is getting his own guys in here (new offensive line being an example) and eventually, he will have the team to where he wants it. I wrote in a post last month that the Bears are in the right direction as a franchise.

    I was on board with Emery the second he was hired and likewise for Trestman. As always, we’ll see what happens as the season progresses.

    Back to the game yesterday, Capers, indeed, threw a lot at the Bears and Trestman was one step ahead of him for the most part. I was a little frustrated with some of those screens as I felt they should have ran a bit more but I am not complaining about that. This is one of the first victories I have truly felt good about in a long time. A lot of us here will say the same.


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