Anybody know a good cardiologist?


In every way, shape and form, this game was about as stressful as it could have been. If anybody thought that the Bears were going to win this game after being down 10-0, you are lying. It was an odd day all around and I will try to cover as much as possible. First off, the Lions, Packers and 49ers all lost. This keeps the Bears in the playoff picture. There is little room for error as there are only six games left.

Offense: Let’s start off with what pissed me off. Trestman, again, made a bad choice on a series with first and goal in the first half. The Bears were given another set of downs and all of a sudden, what worked for them earlier in the game with Matt Forte running, wasn’t pursued by Trestman. Three straight passing plays and at least one, was nearly intercepted. The Bears get just a field goal out of it. This has to change. I hate comparing things but I thought this was the reason why the Bears kicked Lovie Smith to the curb. Run the damn ball.

I don’t remember all of the key plays in this game but I know some. First, I am pretty sure it was before the Forte touchdown, but Forte had the ball pitched to him and Matt Slauson made a great block for him to get the first down. The offensive line has truly been the best thing going this year. You couldn’t say that in the last several years. Then, there’s Josh McCown. The man put on his big boy pants again and made some great throws all game. I truly wish he was playing last week because if he did, Cutler probably could have played in this game at 100%. Now, it could be another week or two. Back to the game, another key play was in overtime when he made one of those throws and Martellus Bennett jumped up and made a catch to put the Bears in field goal range to eventually win the game.

Defense: Zack Bowman, like Eric Weems, has no business being on this team. As a whole, the Bears had 13 penalties for 111 yards. Bowman, did his fair share by getting some horse-collar penalties called on him. On top of that, he can’t defend any receiver. He truly sucks. Even in shitty conditions, Ray Rice had a field day with the defense. I get that the defense is a MASH unit right now, but come on. These backups have to step up for the Bears to have a chance. We saw one backup step up: David Bass. He picked off Joe Flacco and took it back for a touchdown.

With the Bears up 20-17 late in the fourth quarter, the defense fell apart once again. The Ravens drove all the way down to field with everyone and their mother thinking the Ravens were going to win this game. The defense was bailed out with Flacco getting the snap low and overthrowing the ball in the endzone. A lot of people, including myself wanted Trestman to call a timeout with them driving to try to save some time in case the Ravens did score. I think Trestman would have been heavily criticized if that did happen.

Special Teams: Zack Bowman, that idiot, once again, had a penalty in this game. This time, an illegal block in the back one. Son of a bitch. Can this guy please get released now? Fuck this guy. Is Isiah Frey not a better replacement on defense and/or special teams? Come on. Alright, moving on. Robbie Gould just barely makes the game-winning field goal. It’s good enough to me.

Next up are the Rams on the road.

And if I can just be off-topic for a moment. Everything I said above, in perspective, is nothing compared to what goes on in life. Obviously, this game was delayed because of the shitty weather we had. The worst came in Central Illinois. I know we have some readers and ones who comment frequently who live down there. Sometimes, when we see stuff like this on the news, we keep it in our thoughts but don’t know how terrible it can be until it hits close to home. If you have it in you, maybe donate to the Red Cross or some other non-profit company to help fund the repairs. Please pray for everyone.

13 Responses to “Anybody know a good cardiologist?”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    If anybody else other than myself was pissed off when the Ravens were driving in the 4th quarter to try to win the game, I was too. I was mad that Trestman wasn’t calling any timeouts to try to conserve time.

    Then, I read this:,0,7332934.story

    It’s amazing to have a coach that actually explains why he does what he does. Even though he made poor decisions last week and while we thought he was doing the same thing here, he backs his thoughts up with something with what we rarely see from coaches on the Bears: logic.

  2. chucky Says:

    “We like our football team.”

    “Rex is our quarterback.”

    “It wasn’t a must-win game for us.”

    Yeah Fro, it’s certainly refreshing to have a head coach who isn’t a goddamn assclown without any personality. Trestman has been explaining himself all year long. Anybody still wondering why this jagoff Smith is still unemployed? I’m not.

  3. genrebuster Says:

    Man, how refreshing to NOT have a dimwit coaching the Bears!

  4. Cubs Suck Says:

    Until the team reaches the redzone….

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    You’re not happy with Trestman so far? Is that what you’re saying? Sure, he’s made some shitty decisions but overall, he is 3,129 times better than the idiot who had the headset on the last nine seasons. There have been plenty of instances where I yelled “RUN THE FOOTBALL” when they get to the red zone but overall, much better. I don’t think him being a first-year head coach in the NFL is an excuse since he has had plenty of years on his resume as an offensive coordinator but I think he’ll figure things out.

  6. Cubs Suck Says:

    Overall I am good with Trestman for now. I am not expecting miracles his first year especially in Chicago. But I have started to call him “The Redzone Retard” I have commented before on some VERY questionable redzone call and still dont have a definative answer on if its Kromer or Trestman making those calls. Maybe its not his fault but when he has a reputation for being an “Offensive Genius” and “Quarterback Guru” I expect points in the 20.

  7. chucky Says:

    CS….I think I understand what you’re saying. My only point in my post above is that I thought it was great to have a head coach who wasn’t a goddamned liar, or a condesending jagoff that thought he knew better than everyone else. That’s what Lovie Smith was to me, a lying, condesending asshole who, truth be told doesn’t know his ass from from a hole in the ground. The reason I continue to mention him is because I never want to forget just how terrible a head coach he was. I don’t ever want to return to those days. This is strictly personal to me, but one of the reasons I like Trestman so much is because he’s is so candid. He’s not afraid of telling the truth, even if it makes him look bad. Smith NEVER did that.

  8. Pie in the Sky Says:

    At least you aren’t the Tennessee Titans. Our fan base has gotten so sick of Mike Munchak that they’re begging for a new coach. Guess whose name comes up the most often? LOVIE SMITH.

    Ugh. You’d think after two decades of Jeff Fisher / Mike Munchak mediocrity (if that), the last guy they’d want is the NFC’s 2000 version of Lovie.

    That doesn’t include the Jay Cutler obsession from the Vanderbilt fans who live in Nashville. Cutler + Smith = more mediocrity.

  9. Pie in the Sky Says:

    *NFC’s 2000 version of Fisher.

  10. Fro Dog Says:

    I think you mean AFC but we get it. I thought only meatballs existed in Chicago?

  11. chucky Says:

    No Fro, unfortunately they’re all over the country. The majority of them call in to Boers and Bernstein with some seriously apeshit crazy ideas about the Bears. I’m surprised Bernstein hasn’t shot one of them yet. They are some seriously stupid, batshit crazy bastards.

  12. Fro Dog Says:

    I know fans of the Bears are everywhere. I was making the somewhat, terrible joke that there were meatball fans of other teams. I heard one of them yesterday on The Score with Bernstein yelling at him for saying that Josh McCown should be given an extension and if not, he will go somewhere else and make more money. The caller couldn’t even pronounce McCown’s name right.


  13. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Yeah, AFC version.

    Who has more meatballs? Nashville sports talk radio would give Chicago sports talk radio a run for its money. Every year, Nashville gets these callers who insist that the Titans should spend every single one of their draft picks on quarterbacks.

    So if I’m not mistaken, Tennessee either has 6 or 7 draft picks in 2014 (I know they gave their 3rd to SF to get Justin Hunter). These callers want all of them used on quarterbacks. Not the same caller. Multiple callers.

    Those kinds of stupid ideas increase with every playoff-less season. Titans are going on 10 now, so…


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