Bennett suspended; cause for concern?



As we approach the first preseason game, one issue has been brought to light for a player that is very important if the Bears are going to succeed this year. If it was known before all of this, I certainly didn’t hear about it. Martellus Bennett was suspended and fined after a fight with newcomer Kyle Fuller earlier in the week. Usually, fights do happen with all other teams throughout a season. From what I have read, this is more to this story than just a scuffle.

From what was reported this week from beat writers of other teams that Bennett has played for, he has been known to have some issues associated with the team. Apparently, he didn’t want to be in camp but rather, at home with his wife and newborn child. His motivation and work ethic has been criticized in the past.

Should we as fans be concerned?

Not yet, in my opinion. If this is going on during the regular season, then, other options would need to be considered. The Bears gave him a lot of money last year and he did produce in a big way. However, he should be taking his job seriously all the time, especially with the cash he was given.

It was nice to see Phil Emery address the situation right after it was announced he was being suspended. He will probably miss the first preseason game but I really do believe that Emery and Trestman have this team under control. We see what they did as soon as this became an issue as they addressed it right away and basically told all of us that they will not put up with this. If Bennett continues to handle things this way, they will find some to replace him.

I am praying it doesn’t get to that point. Bennett is a damn good player and if the Bears are going to the promised land this year, he is going to be needed to step up when games are on the line.

Your thoughts (and stats) are welcome.

7 Responses to “Bennett suspended; cause for concern?”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Ironic that Peter King (SI) donated column space to how the Bears were supposed to be “embracing a culture change” in their locker rooms, and King celebrated it so much, especially in the wake of the Incognito incident in Miami.

    You can only hope to contain the natural aggressiveness within a football team, no matter how much team bonding, political correctness, pink uniforms, or other bullshit you try to put on the NFL. You can only hope o know how to deal with met heads when they show up.

  2. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    I saw the video of the play in question and the slamming of Fuller… Fuller had his hand on the ball which hes supposed to do and brought the bigger Bennett down and he sprung up and dropped him on his head and shoulder. HUGE punk move by Bennett. What if he had injured the 1st round pick? When he got in the fight with Houston earlier in camp he said” I go hard all the time.” blah blah blah. Then when Fuller brings him down he turns into a bitch. He had issues in Dallas, issues in New York, now issues in Chicago.

    I agree with you about as long as he is not pulling this shit in the regular season then whatever. On the other side, during allot of games last year he looks slow to the huddle and lining up and what not which can slow the pace/tempo of the offense which is kinda a problem.

  3. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says: LOL @ “This is what happens when you try to strip the ball from Bennett”

  4. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Anyone else think Tony Stewart should go to prison for murder?

  5. chucky Says:


  6. Fro Dog Says:

    I am not a NASCAR guy and I am aware that this has nothing to do with the sport. But from what the video showed, the guy who got hit was running in the middle of the track DURING a race. It was also at night and it appeared he was wearing a dark suit. My guess is, Stewart didn’t see him.

    It sucks what happened. It really does. But I don’t think he should have been at fault for it. If it’s the daytime and it clearly shows he was being careless, that is another story.

  7. chucky Says:

    From what I heard, Stewart bumped him or something happened to get that guy off the track. There is one rule in auto racing. If you crash, or your car becomes disabled, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT EVER get out of your car. That especially holds true when you are on a dirt track. You have far more skidding and fishtailing on dirt as apposed to dry asphalt. Kevin Ward caused this. If Ward stayed in his car we would be talking about something else right now. It’s that simple.

    Motorcycle racing is bit trickier, but what happens in motorcycle road racing is basically if you crash, if you are able to walk away, you move to the retaining wall as quickly as possible. Abandon your motorcycle. More often than not, crashes occur on turns, where the corner workers are stationed. If your bike craps out on you, try to maneuver you and the bike to the wall or fence line. Hopefully, the corner workers are able to inform each other of what has happened, and throw the yellow caution flag out, or red flag the race and get everyone off the track safely. This comes from me watching AMA road racing at Road America since 1987. I’ve seen a lot of things happen during the course of a race. One time a motorcycle threw a rod right through the crankcase and spray oil all over the track. The racers behind him mostly crashed, because it happened on a straightaway section of track, and the corner workers couldn’t stop the race in time. Racing can be very dangerous, and to expose yourself like Ward did was fucking stupid. I’m sorry he’s dead, but he made a very serious mistake, one I hope others learn from.


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