It’s been a while since I’ve talked some WRASSLIN’ on here. Of course, things have been fairly busy in other areas and when storylines are awful, it’s hard to get the motivation to talk about it.

Last night’s ending to Raw is being talked about as the best ending to that show in years. I have already mentioned that Raw being three hours for the last two and a half years is atrocious, as it is. But the last seven or eight minutes of the show should remind us fans why we still love and watch this.

Over the weekend and into Monday, I was reading up on the news (dirt sheets) and there was some talk about surprises. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to execute the ending more. Sting shows up and saves the day again. I don’t give a damn how old he is and I could care less how old I get. And there were many more around my age and older who said online that they were jumping off the couch when he appeared on the titantron. To make things even better, Lesnar came out and kicked some ass.

That’s how Raw should end almost every night. Not necessarily with the returns, but in terms of excitement. Every now and then, WWE throws us a bone. They should put in that type of effort every week.

The Royal Rumble is this Sunday.


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