DVX Region: The results are in.


Ladies and gentleman, we have our first upset. In the very first game, #1 went down to #4, as Brooke Weisbrod took out Lauren Petty by a final score of 18-13. In the second game, #2 Erin Kennedy disposed of #3 Michelle Relerford 17-14.

#2 Erin Kennedy will take on #4 Brooke Weisbrod in the Elite Eight.

Games resume Monday and Wednesday. See you then.

One Response to “DVX Region: The results are in.”

  1. SunriseZone Says:

    Yeah Baby! The best two won in DVX’s regional! Lauren Petty looked stale compared to Brooke Weisbrod, who seemed to hint of a warm moist place. And Erin Kennedy blows Michelle Releford right out of the water any day.


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