Championship Game – Chicago’s Most Gorgeous Woman On Television


DVX Region vs. CS Region

#2 Erin Kennedy (CBS 2) vs. #2 Lyndsay Petruny (Chicago Bears Network)

***Voting ends at 2:59 p.m. Sunday***

Erin Kennedy

Lyndsay Petruny

Three weeks later, both of these women have proven themselves worthy of this tournament. Both women are ones that I would marry in an instant. Unfortunately, the law says I can only have one.

All of their hard work has come down to this one game. This is for it all.

Who is the most gorgeous woman on Chicago television?

13 Responses to “Championship Game – Chicago’s Most Gorgeous Woman On Television”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    Ladies and gentleman,

    I am currently sitting in the Denver airport and was checking the site. Earlier, I saw the site getting a whole bunch of more hits than usual. Then, I received a text from a friend telling me that Dan Bernstein and Matt Spiegel were both making comments about Aiyana Cristal of Comcast SportsNet. They were saying she’s not the best at her job but can’t stop looking at her jugs.

    For the new folks reading this site, I will point you to this article that I wrote a week before Halloween 2013:

  2. jimmy d. Says:

    Hey All,

    I’ve been voting all along and I think there were some very beautiful women in the tournament. However, I’m going to go on record as saying that I’m quite disappointed with the Finals. We have a cute teenager (okay, I’m sure she’s not a teenager…but she looks like one…with no rack, by the way) vs. a chick that doesn’t appear to be all that hot (at least from the photos posted). I’m not in the Chicago market, so I don’t have the opportunity to see them on camera. Again, just my 2 cents. No offense intended.

    Jimmy D.

    P.S. How ’bout that fucking Kris Bryant stud!!! Holy shit!!!

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    Here you go, Jimmy D.

  4. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Chucky, where is your blog? Did you get is going? I couldn’t find it.

  5. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Kris Bryant is tearing it up! I hope he does not make the opening day roster. That extra year of arbitration could be HUGE. Fuck what his agent says.

  6. jimmy d. Says:

    There’s NO WAY he’s on the opening day roster. Boras is a douchecopter and would do exactly the same thing that Theo and Jed are doing…if the roles were reversed. Theo makes a great point that he’s NEVER put a phenom on the opening day roster. It’s just better for them to get acclimated and warmed up (into some kinda groove) and then bring them up with confidence. PLUS, this is part of the CBA; the player’s association set/agreed to the rule…the Cubs are just using it to their advantage.

  7. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Wrestlemania was decent. My favorite intro was when Rusev came to the ring in a FREAKIN TANK!

    Seth Rollins, your a bitch.

  8. Fro Dog Says:


    It was fucking awesome. Sure, I was a bit a selfish by wanting Brock to retain and hold the title for another year (it’s worth it). But Rollins cashing in was pretty damn good. I’ll take that.

    And by the way, the highlight was on SportsCenter. All of the fucking idiots who hate wrestling began bashing ESPN for covering it. I loved reading some of the comments.

    ESPN should have highlights all the time just to piss those turds off.

    What a night. I’ll post pictures up soon.

  9. chucky Says:

    CBSS…..I kept it private for the moment. I wasn’t all that sure about it. I’ll keep you briefed on any changes. They won’t happen right away though. I’m going in for shoulder surgery……..AGAIN tomorrow. That will make it 5 on that shoulder. Surprised anything is left in there.

  10. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Number 5? Ouch, I think I would want to that doctors ass. Hope you have a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Maybe you can spend some of your pill induced free time on ripping Tom a new asshole. Good luck!

  11. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    *KICK that doctors ass*

    Fro, can we have an edit button for Christmas??

  12. genrebuster Says:

    chucky, I hope the surgery goes well and you get some real relief.

  13. genrebuster Says:

    … other words: Kevin fucking Gregg stay away!!!!!


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