No NBA team has ever lost a series after leading 3-0. Can the Bulls be the first?


Well, it certainly looks impossible. I shouldn’t be surprised but, I am still fucking pissed. How embarrassing can the Chicago Bulls be? They went into Saturday looking to sweep the hapless Milwaukee Bucks. What has happened in this entire series has been driving me ape shit. The Bulls have been sloppy in every game. The only reason why they were still winning was because the Bucks suck so badly, it was still close enough for them to come back and pull a victory out.

The stats are there for you to see, too (cue Yeti). It’s PATHETIC.

But, Game 4 was the icing on the cake for me.

The Bulls, despite for their TWENTY-FUCKING-EIGHT turnovers, had a chance to win in the final seconds. The Bulls, despite their six missed free throws, had a chance to win in the final seconds. The Bulls, despite ThomASS barely playing the bench, had a chance to win in the final seconds.

Rose decided to dribble the ball into triple coverage instead of passing back to Jimmy Butler for a chance to win the game or at least, go into overtime. The Bulls, namely Rose, give up the game-winning layup easily. Now, Game 5 is on Monday. This game made me want to do a lot of things. One thing would be punching idiots such as Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson in their ugly fucking faces. I hate those fucking guys. Neither should be allowed shoot a basketball, much less touch one. They are turnover machines who can’t make free throws to save their lives. Fuck those guys.

ThomASS is a fucking idiot. Tony Snell, who kicked ass in Game 3, played a tremendous 7:26. That’s it? Him and Gasol are the only players who have been consistent all year in terms of level of play and health. And why didn’t Aaron Brooks play more than nine minutes in this game? You would think RESTING starters would be a good idea. Then again, I am a fucking idiot who realizes that shit will never change.

Maybe I am outrageous for saying this, but wouldn’t it just be fitting for the Bulls to make NBA history by losing a series after leading 3-0? No NBA team has ever done that. If the Bulls pull it out, they are just delaying the inevitable. For a team that has such a hard time with the Milwaukee fucking Bucks, the Cavaliers are already looking forward to this shit fest.

One or two more weeks and the garbage will finally be taken out.

10 Responses to “No NBA team has ever lost a series after leading 3-0. Can the Bulls be the first?”

  1. chucky Says:

    Rest easy my frendt. The word on the street is as soon as the Bulls depart the playoffs, ThomASS is gone. The ONLY thing that will save his hide is if they win the NBA title, and we both know that won’t happen. Management doesn’t want his sorry ass anymore. I don’t know very much about Fred Hoiberg, but I did hear he’ll be next in line.

    So rest easy my fitness frendt, and start looking for a new target.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    I know. I know. But it still pisses me off. Am I an idiot for actually praying the light bulb would go off? Probably.

    I still want the Bulls to get Jeff Van Gundy. Hoiberg sounds okay, but I want someone who has actually coached in the NBA.

  3. genrebuster Says:

    I think that any competent coach who doesn’t run the players into the ground will be an upgrade.

  4. Navycubsfan Says:

    Long time reader, very infrequent poster. Have viewed comments over the last several years from overseas duty locations. Anyway, should I have any hope this year? I’ve suffered through the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s…but am I wrong to feel different about this year?

  5. chucky Says:

    Navycubsfan….which team are you referring to? Let me try to answer this for you.

    Bulls – No hope

    Blackhawks – Definitely

    Cubs – Not really, but they are a lot better than they have been in the past several years.

    White Sox – Who cares?

    Does anybody else have something to add to that?

    By the way Genre, did you watch the Cubs game on Sunday? I nearly punched my TV. Kevin FUCKING Gregg is back in the majors? That one slipped under my radar, that’s for sure. At least that miserable bag of fuck isn’t in a Cubs uniform! What the hell are the Reds thinking? Don’t they want to win?

  6. jimmy d. Says:


    Thanks for all that you do to protect this great land of ours!

    You are definitely referring to the Cubs. So, to that point, yes you do have reason to hope. It’s still a very long season and injuries or other unforeseen things can happen, but this team is full of talent. Offense and defense are strong, position players are getting it done on both sides, starting pitching is above average and may turn out to be better than that. The one area that we still struggle with is relief pitching, but I think Maddon will figure out who can do what and when and will make the adjustments to have the right person on the mound when it’s needed.
    The Retardinals were dealt a big blow with the season ending injury to Adam Wainwright…so, that opens the door for us. Up until yesterday, the Tards pitching staff was sitting at a cumulative ERA of around 2.00 on the season…with starting pitching being at 1.97. Losing a guy like Wainwright can be disastrous to that dimension of the team.

    Chucky, stop being so critical. KFG is sitting on a respectable ERA of 9.00…just a shade under his career number.

    Jimmy D.

  7. genrebuster Says:

    Navy, welcome back…I remember you 🙂 ….chucky and jimmy d. have summed it up well. All the Best to you and yours!

    Kevin fucking Gregg…the gift that keeps on giving.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ………….(barf)

  8. chucky Says:

    Jimmy……thanks for the laugh buddy. I needed it! Respectable indeed. Barf is right.

  9. Navycubsfan Says:

    Thanks to all for the great roll up…I totally agree. Was asking about the Cubs, but I follow the others from afar as well, including the Sux (hoping they lose so I can rib my misguided bro). The last Cubs game I saw live was game 5 against the Fucklins in ’03…and we all know how that turned out…so I’m a bit hesitant to “believe” this year. But they are winning some games they never would have pulled out in years past. Again, I enjoy reading your posts…go Hawks!

  10. genrebuster Says:

    ….damn those ’03 Fucklins…they’re right up there w/ Steve Garvey and Will Clark….

    …but the toothpick chomping horsemeister still takes the cake! Happy Thanksgiving, Dusty!


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