Jimmy Butler must be brainwashed.



So, this is how a player goes about after his former coach does everything in his power to shorten his career? I am surprised I didn’t hear about this last week when it happened, but Jimmy Butler decided to have dinner with ThomASS at Gibson’s Steakhouse downtown.

I know this shouldn’t really be a big deal. I mean, two people having dinner isn’t, in the grand scheme of things. But after all of the garbage that we have dealt with the past five years, why is Butler even associating himself with this hack? ThomASS tried to ruin his career by playing him so much, he led the league in minutes the last two years.

If I were Butler, I would have stayed as far away from this doofus as possible. And the Bulls were stupid enough to give him a max deal of five years and $95 million.

The Chicago Bulls (and Chicago Bears): One step forward. Two steps back.

4 Responses to “Jimmy Butler must be brainwashed.”

  1. CubsBearsSoxSuck Says:

    I always thought that Jimmy Butlers coming of age had allot to do with Thibodeau. Yes he played the shit out of him but helping to mold Jimmy into a very good player was one of the good things Tom did.

    I read an article about how by declining a contract earlier in the season and playing his ass off Jimmy Butler made $46 million this year with this new deal. You go Jimmy, you deserve it!

  2. chucky Says:

    Brainwashed? I don’t know. Maybe. Stupid? Yes, just for having dinner with an asshole known to shorten careers and run his players into the ground by playing them to death. Screw him, I’m counting down the days until Derrick FUCKING Rose’s contact is over. Another couple of years to go.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    Yeah. He has two years left and over $20 million both years. That’s a lot of cap space.

    By the way, if our friend SunriseZone is reading this, Emily Florez is on NBC 5 right now. She’s at North Avenue Beach reporting on the Fourth of July weekend festivities. She’s looking magnificent.

  4. abdallaha92 Says:

    Perhaps they formed some form of friendship. It’s alright to like your former coach.


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