Dress rehearsal: Bengals 23 Bears M*A*S*H Unit 10


This game was just awful. The Bears already have about 11 players hurt (or so it seems). Four of them, are the top four receivers. Tonight, Jimmy Clausen, Will Sutton and someone else (forgot already) were added to that list. I don’t know if these are all just freak injuries or the fact that Roger Goodell continues to change the rules, but it’s getting annoying. I never root for an injury on any team. You always want your team healthy and to beat the other team at full strength. Also, too many fucking penalties in this game. The Bears had 12 of them for a total of 117 yards. There were so many on each side late, that I decided to do paperwork while having the game on in the background. For those who didn’t watch, consider yourselves lucky.

Offense: Cutler failed, once again, to lead the Bears to a touchdown. His numbers looked fine: 13/17 for 98 yards. But he was sacked and had a couple of shitty passes. Jimmy Clausen got taken out of the game after sliding for a first down late. It appeared that he had a concussion. That’s just fantastic. We are ready for David Fales or Shane Carden.

The offense couldn’t do shit tonight. The only touchdown was on a blocked punt return. And to make matters worse, there was one drive late that had the Bears go 3 plays for -7 yards (yes, negative 7 yards).

Defense: Just an absolute PATHETIC display was on hand in Cincinnati. The first drive for the Bengals was 16 plays, 77 yards in 9:06. The Bengals scored two more times before the half. Andy Dalton left the game with a neck injury (doesn’t look serious, so that’s good). In comes A.J. McCarron and he threw the ball with ease. The defense of the Bears was it’s usually-self.

There was a bunch more I could talk about but this game was just completely out of whack. I hate to say this, but this could be a preview for what happens in the season. The Bears will win a few games. They may even beat a team that they have no business beating. But, I say the Bears go 5-11. This team is just a clusterfuck and all of these injuries are making it worse. The Bears are in a lot of trouble.

2 Responses to “Dress rehearsal: Bengals 23 Bears M*A*S*H Unit 10”

  1. chucky Says:

    They say that the third preseason game is the one that’s important, the dress rehearsal for the regular season. If that’s the case, then the season is over. I’m saying right here, right now, 7:30 AM, on August 30, 2015. THIS SEASON IS OVER.

    Fro, you mentioned something about the injuries being due in part to Roger Good-for-nothing and his rule changes. While I can’t argue that, I wonder if it has anything to do with all the coddling that Chinscar and Dr. Death gave this team the last 11 years. Yeah, all the players are gone from the start of Smiths reign of error, but there are still some players that have been around for a few years. Both Smith and Trestman were notorious for not having their players ready to play, physically and mentally. I really don’t know how physical John Fox’s regimen is, but I’d venture to say it’s more demanding than the last two pussies that ran this team into the ground. But one thing about Fox has me concerned. Why is he being so evasive, and even vague, about the injuries. This isn’t hockey, where they come up with bullshit terms like “Upper Body Injury” for a broken finger, or a hang nail, or “Lower Body Injury” for an ingrown toenail. Yes, I know hockey players are tougher than that, I’m just being my usual smart-ass self. Smith and Trestman were the same way. I know you have to be up front about injuries in the NFL. I’m wondering if this isn’t some directive from Toad Phillips, or George (Bush) McCaskey. Anyway, just be honest. It’s not like Fox will end up giving away military secrets by being honest. I had enough of that bullshit with Chinscar lying through his goddamned teeth every day. I hope Fox doesn’t follow that pattern, but if his marching orders are indeed coming from the office, get ready for lying and deceiving from these assholes.

  2. Nemo Says:

    Nice job, Arrieta!! Way to end the losing streak and bail out the complete lack of timely hitting by the Cubs!!


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