It still smells like shit: Bears 22 – Team With The Worst Fans In Football 20


Okay. Are they worst fans or is it still, Vikings fans? Whatever. Regardless, this game pissed me off to no end. I ended up having to go to this game since nobody wanted my tickets. That’s right, everybody. Nobody wanted to buy my tickets near or at face value. That’s how awful the Bears are. And they nearly found a way to fuck it up against the Raiders.

John Fox/Adam Gase: Terrible play-calling on offense. What pissed me off the most was the 3rd and 1 in the second half. The Bears just needed a damn yard. Did they really have to call a roll out pass? Cutler threw an interception that turned into a field goal. Yes, Cutler is at fault for that interception. But I think more of the blame goes to Fox and Gase for being stupid enough to call that play. What pisses me off even more is that Lovie and Trestman did the same shit. Why doesn’t anybody fucking learn? Oh, nice of the Bears to nearly fuck it up on the final play of the game. Assholes.

Vladamir Ducasse: I fucking hate this guy and every week, he will get criticized because he deserves it. Today, a false start and holding penalty. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but he has at least two penalties in the first four games. He’s also been at fault for about three sacks because he is a turnstile.

Will Montgomery: The journeyman center is out for the season with a broken fibula. That’s great. Matt Slauson had to fill in at center and that wasn’t a pretty sight. Maybe he will be better next Sunday with more practice. What this means though is that there will be more Vladamir Ducasse and Charles Leno. The Bears are fucked on the offensive line.

Robbie Gould: Everyone on here knows that Robbie Gould has pissed me off the last two seasons with his bullshit comments about feeding his family and missing game-winning field goals. Lately, he’s been terrible on kickoffs, including the illegal procedure on the first one today. Today, the wind was terrible and yet, he nails two field goals from 50+ with the last one being the game-winner.

The Bears face the Chiefs next week on the road. Like the Bears, they are 1-3 but are a better team overall. We’ll see what happens.

6 Responses to “It still smells like shit: Bears 22 – Team With The Worst Fans In Football 20”

  1. billybob Says:

    This season is over for the bears. We have 0 talent on our roster. We need to trade players away for picks then gather talent in the offseason. Pick the best player available with every pick. No drafting for need and reaching for anyone. We need everything.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    Yes. Especially a new owner. That would be the best thing that could happen for the Bears.

  3. chucky Says:

    Too bad the Bears can’t draft new owners.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    You’re right about that. And I made a mistake about the Gould field goals. The last one was actually from 49. Close enough.

    Well Chucky, in other news, I am going to Raw next week. I don’t know if I am bringing signs this time. The security confiscated the “Larry Horse is my father” sign last time. The guy who sits by the announcers is the one that came to me and said I couldn’t have it. I asked him why and he just told me that they told him to confiscate it. I wish I would have asked if it sucked being Vince and Kevin Dunn’s puppet, but one of Rosemont police officers was with him.

    It’s such a shame they concentrate more on what the fans are doing rather than what is going on in the ring. No wonder the ratings continue to dive.

  5. dvxprime Says:

    Fro, that’s rough man. Not like there are worse signs out there.

    I am totally watching the Wild Card game. May be the best thing to happen in Chicago sports this week.

  6. chucky Says:

    I thought they would take signs that were vulgar, or signs about people the WWE would like us to forget, namely Hulk Hogan and Chris Benoit. You sign doesn’t fall into either of those categories.


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