Just 11 more weeks of heart palpitations: Bears 18 – Chiefs 17


As the last two games have gone, I have just stopped having expectations. Then, the Bears surprise everyone by being in a game with a chance to win. Today, this drove me nuts. The Bears were helpless after three quarters and somehow, someway, they find a way to win for the second week in a row. Most of us would probably agree, they had no business even being in this. They were playing a team just as bad as them.

Jay Cutler: I don’t know if it was his hamstring or what, but he wasn’t anything special for the first three quarters. He was under-throwing receivers and it didn’t seem like there was any zip on his passes. It didn’t help early on that the offensive line couldn’t block anybody. Charles Leno was terrible and I won’t give Hroniss Grasu too much crap since it was his first game. But that line wasn’t anything spectacular. When Cutler is running for his life the entire first half, I think it’s fine for us to give him a pass on that fumble in the end zone. But when it was all said and done, he lead his second straight game-winning drive.

The receivers: Marquees Wilson, Cameron Meredith and Martellus Bennett all had great catches during crucial times. Wilson caught the first touchdown pass on a great throw from Cutler in a really tight spot. And Martellus Bennett came up huge on the game-winning drive.

Vic Fangio: Okay, this defense isn’t last year’s defense. It was looking like it in the final seconds when Alex Smith was trying to win the game. But holy shit. The Bears sacked Smith three times and only gave up 10 points. Sure, there were two drives where they couldn’t stop the receivers but only giving up 10 points should be more than enough to give the offense a chance to win. Sam Acho and Willie Young had a great day. It’s a work in progress but it’s good to see.It really sucks what happened to Jaamal Charles. He’s one of the best running backs in the game and it appears that he will be out for the season.

Pernell McPhee: This guy is earning is money. The Bears are down 17-3 when the Chiefs have a chip-shot field goal coming up. This guy runs right through the line and blocks the attempt. This was the turning point in the game. The Bears drove down and only had a field goal, but it started the comeback. And don’t forget about how he’s played on defense. The 3-4 system is great for him.

Matt Forte: This guy is the offense. He does everything. It sucks that he is going to be 30 in December and on his last year of his contract. I don’t think the Bears will bring him back because of the shelf life of an NFL running back. He runs the ball, he catches passes and he can block. Today, he caught the game-winning touchdown on a great pass from Cutler.

The Bears head to Detroit to face the Lions next week. They are a tire fire right now and if the Bears want any chance to make the playoffs (yes, I said playoffs), they have to win this game. In the NFL, there is a big difference between 3-3 and 2-4.

One Response to “Just 11 more weeks of heart palpitations: Bears 18 – Chiefs 17”

  1. erniesarmy Says:

    Fro: Bears will beat the Lions.

    I don’t get that team. They’ve had tons of first round talent, and yet they still can’t get the job done. The Lions haven’t won a thing since the fifties. Management must be as bad as the Cubs have been.


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