What a season…and it’s not over yet!



Cardinals up next…..

36 Responses to “What a season…and it’s not over yet!”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Finally turned in just before the last Cubs homer. Arrieta was WICKED. I read an article where Nolan Ryan said that too many pitchers try to throw so much heat all the time. Jake threw some nasty stuff that had the Pirates swinging all night. Good on the Cubs D turning back-breaking double plays in the 6th and 7th. Between that and the Pirates shitting their pants after hitting Arrieta, they were a broken team.

    I’m not singing that stupid ass song, but hell, let’s fly the W…for as long as we can.

    GO CUBS!!!

  2. Nemo Says:

    Jesus Fucking Christ!! We better beat the Cardinals!! Those fans are arrogant enough pricks as it is-I can’t deal with losing to them head to head. To beat them in the only playoff series ever between the two would shut them a little bit. Ideally, a sweep, so I can just yell “sweep” at all the random Cardinal fans all winter.

    Really concerned Jake’s arm is going to fall off to end the season.

  3. Robert Says:

    Dusty said before the game the pirates were going to win cause the Cubs dont have enough veterans on the team

  4. chucky Says:

    Robert….you’re not surprised, are you? Baker is a proven idiot, not to mention a complete fucking asshole.

    Once more,


  5. genrebuster Says:

    chucky, THANK YOU for saving me some precious time. I was going to compose a detailed response to Dusty Baker’s BULLSHIT, but you covered it well.

    The day that Dusty Baker was fired by the Cubs is still the happiest moment in recent Cubs history (for me). What an asshat.

    I think the mix of veterans and younger players is great.

  6. Robert Says:

    I dont understand how the cubs are winning w/o there horses no chucky i am not surprised at all….if maddon makes him look stupider buy the day he probably thinks its 2026

  7. Nemo Says:

    I saw Dustfuck come on the TBS postgame show, and tuned to Comcast before chomp on a toothpick or wax poetically about his equines.

    The Cubs want this more than the Cardinals-and although the Cardinals are more experienced-the Cubs are close enough in talent that the hunger they have might matter enough to make all the difference.

  8. chucky Says:

    Nemo….I sure hope you’re right. Nothing would make me happier than the Cubs opening up a HUGE can of Stone Cold whoop ass on the Retardinals, and their inbred jag off fanbase.

    Robert….Baker doesn’t need any help in looking stupid. He mastered that little trait long before any of us were even born.

    Genre….You’re more than welcome. Glad I could help. But you need to do one thing. Don’t ever call Baker an asshats. It’s offensive to all asshats, living or dead.

  9. genrebuster Says:

    Thank You, chucky; I stand corrected. Is “shithead” more accurate?

  10. genrebuster Says:

    According to Jason Collette @jasoncollette (I’m NOT “fact-checking” now; cue Yeti). If this is accurate, most impressive! —

    Arrieta since 8/1: 12-0, 0.37 ERA. 97.1 IP, 100 K’s, 45 hits, 14 walks, 1 HR. .136 opponents average. To infinity & beyond…

  11. chucky Says:

    Genre…..yeah, that should cover it. If another shithead is offended, too fucking bad.

  12. erniesarmy Says:

    Cubs trail Cardinals 1-0 end of seven. Lester is doing his job, but that offense, especially that middle group, is not getting the job done. Lackey isn’t that good!

  13. Nemo Says:

    Well, so much for momentum and hunger. Win tomorrow or this series is effectively over. Are the Cubs truly changed or is it same shit, different year?

  14. erniesarmy Says:

    “Win tomorrow or this series is effectively over.” That is true. They either win tomorrow, or start packing their bags for a three game sweep. This is potentially a different Cub team though. Next year should be interesting. Still need those young guys to learn to adjust, and still need a closer. They also need another starter. Jon Lester was a waste of money.

  15. erniesarmy Says:

    One more thing – Pedro Strop? Joe? Seriously?

  16. Nemo Says:

    Yeah, we’ve been saying good season, next year will be better-but will it? Are they going to win 105 games with a better bullpen, David Price and another year of experience for the kids? This year’s team is the second best record of any Cubs team in my life (becoming a fan in mid 70’s) and it’s only a half game worse than veteran-laden 2008 Cubs. Cubs have never been consistent like the Cardinals. How will they deal with sky-high expectations? They were largely injury-free this year-that rarely happens two years in a row.

    I’d rather win now and avoid the uncertainty-but winning 3/4 against the Cardinals is going to be very tough-and that’s just to get to the NLCS (and we know how those have gone)

    In terms of tonight’s game If Maddon trusted anyone in the bullpen, Lester would have been done after 7 down just 1-0. This goes on the hitters and Strop for letting it get out of hand-but yeah, same problem all year with Lester, trouble early and can’t keep his pitch count down.

  17. erniesarmy Says:

    Nemo – you make excellent points. I have been a Cubs fan since 1964, and this has been the best young Cubs team since I have been following them. Also, I have never seen a Cubs pitcher as lights-out as Arrieta; not Prior, not Wood, not Maddux, not Sutcliffe, not Holtzman, and not Jenkins. They also have the best manager since the Durocher days.

    But, as you put it, can they do it again next year with more experience and a lot more expectations? I thought the 1970 team and the 1985 teams were ready to break through too, but we know how that turned out.

    You are right on point: the bullpen is untrustworthy, the starting pitching, after Arrieta, is mediocre at best, and the offense goes to sleep at the most inopportune times. Can they stay relatively injury free is another excellent point you made. So, all and all, I’m with you, no more talk of “potential.” Either they go all the way this year, or next, or it’s just more of the same bull we’ve had to deal with for over a century now!

  18. erniesarmy Says:

    “Patrick Mooney talked to Pedro Strop following Game 1. Strop said the Cardinals “aren’t in his head.” Joe Maddon addressed Strop’s problems with the Cardinals before the game and said he would not “run away from him” during the series.”

    If Maddon is serious, and not just protecting Strop’s “confidence,” then I take back what I said about him being the best manager of the Cubs since Durocher. He’s just as stupid as Dusty if he keeps putting Stop in there! Pedro Strop is Kevin Gregg, Calvin Schiraldi, and Carlos Marmol all rolled into one!

  19. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Welp, I’ll give them some credit. They didn’t quit. 2007 Cubs and 2008 Cubs would’ve already booked their flights out of country after that Game 1 loss. Still need to get Kris Bryant’s bat going, though.

  20. genrebuster Says:

    Still alive….. tick tock.

  21. genrebuster Says:

    Ernie, your analysis of Strop is making my head hurt….ha!

  22. Nemo Says:

    Instant Analysis? – FUCK YEAH!!

    Ernie, well Maddon didn’t put Strop out there tonight, so that’s encouraging. Bullpen was great today. Great moves by Maddon today. I can’t help thinking we would have won the WS in ’03 if he was our manager.

    I think the confidence is back and this is anyone’s series. I was so depressed last night and all day today, but this team has more mental fortitude than the Piniella teams.

    We do have an incredible amount of young talent on our bench, probably need to trade at least one of them for some pitching.

    Sutcliffe was great in ’84 but his ERA was almost a point higher than Arrieta. Never felt he was invincible. Always waited for Steve Stone to pronounce that Sut “had his stuff” that day. He did pitch with a lot of run support and he was skilled enough to win when he didn’t have “his stuff”
    I always felt superconfident with Prior out there. Remember ’03? NO WAY could Prior and Wood lose back-to-back at home!! That said, Arrieta has been even better, and I THINK he won’t let shit get into his head. However, I can’t pencil him in as automatic as much as I want to because yeah-things have happened with the Cubs

    Don’t get me started on those 85 Cubs! They had a great first third of the season (35-19) until the injuries came. I believe all 5 starters were on the DL at one point. They were signing scrap heap guys like Larry Gura just to have bodies to throw out there. Only Dennis Eckersley made 25 starts. Contrasting to this year’s team where 4 pitchers had at least 31 starts.

    I’m happy and hopeful tonight, but will be back to forlorn if Arrieta doesn’t win.

    Seems more Cub fans made it to STL today than yesterday. If there’s a Game 5, there will be even more. I know most of you guys hate the Go, Cubs, Go song, but it was sweet seeing our fans singing it in their ballpark after the game today.

    Glad to have a day off after the win, this shit is stressful!!!

  23. genrebuster Says:

    Nemo…I hear you!!!

  24. Nemo Says:

    So much for our fucking invincible starter. What a time to shit the bed. Cubs should never talk about inevitability-when have they ever won?

  25. genrebuster Says:

    Fair enough, Nemo. But it sure is refreshing to see the Cubs fighting back! ::-)

  26. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Looks like Arrieta and Rondon got their bad games out of the way. Yet, they still won. If they can just get one more gem from Hammel or Lester…

  27. Nemo Says:

    JESUS CHRIST ON A POGO STICK!!! I seriously can’t take this guys!! I need a lithium drip or something!

    You’re right, Genre-the Cubs have a lot of character and I am proud of what they have done so far (but not satisfied). I hope we can finish these bastards off!! Two home teams lost Game 4’s today and will now face Game 5 on the road. This will not be easy.

    So, it appears nerves got to Arrieta a bit-was hoping it wouldn’t happen.

    Anyone think we should bring Lester in relief tomorrow if we’re protecting a lead in the middle innings? If we did and it backfired, don’t know who the hell would pitch game 5.

  28. genrebuster Says:

    I hear you, Nemo. Absolutely no “baaaahing” here…but it is great to see this mostly young Cubs team fight back. Fingers crossed, ladies and gents….and the rest of youse!!!

  29. erniesarmy Says:

    Nemo and Genre: I feel confident about this series. No reason, just a feeling. Cardinals look worn out to me.

    That home run Rondon gave up in the ninth was not good. It was a bad omen for the future. It didn’t hurt the team now, but later …

    Lackey is beatable And on only three days rest, I think they can get to him. The problem is Hammel. I’ll be honest, I’d rather have Haren in there than him. Lester for game five? No confidence. But, that’s the problem with this team. Outside of Arrieta they are a wing-and-a-prayer. Cubs are going to have to outscore teams. Outside of Arrieta, I don’t see any of them winning 1-0, or 2-1 games. And don’t get me started on that bullpen. They’ve been ok so far, but they are far from inducing confidence in their ability to come in and hold a one run lead with five outs to go (remember 2003?).

  30. Nemo Says:

    I felt pretty confident coming in, Ernie, but vacillating from inning to inning if not batter to batter. Not sure Rondon throws that pitch in a closer game, but yeah, I don’t trust him. Baez got away with 2 errors tonight. Not likely to be able to get away with that again.

    Hammel does scare me. What about 3 innings Hammel/Haren, 3 Hammel/Haren and 3 Lester? Wood only threw 1 pitch tonight, I suppose he’d be good for 2-3 innings. Whatever it takes. Lester’s opponent in a game 5 couldn’t be that good, could he? Think they might toss Wainwright out there?

  31. genrebuster Says:


  32. genrebuster Says:


  33. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Thank god. I couldn’t stand seeing those cheaters possibly outing our team.

    Go Cubs.

  34. Nemo Says:

    I still don’t know what to say. So sweet to end those arrogant bastards season!! I won’t be satisfied until we win it all, but today has assured me of a much more pleasant offseason. Only ONE post season series between Cubs and Cardinals ever-and the Cubs won!!

    Will be nice to see stores pulling the Cards “Division Champions” merchandise and having to replace it with Cubs stuff. Wondering how many soft Cards fans will be rooting for us.

  35. genrebuster Says:

    Piscotty said some nice things in an interview following the game.


  36. Nemo Says:



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