Wait till next year.



Very disappointing end to the 2015 season, for sure…but the Cubs certainly exceeded my expectations this year. The Mets starting pitching was lights out.

I do believe that the culture is changing, and the Cubs should contend again next year.

I’ll write more after the weekend….in the meantime, your thoughts welcomed.

7 Responses to “Wait till next year.”

  1. chucky Says:

    I hope this means that we can dispense with all the idiotic “Back To The Future” bullshit. That shit got old real fast. Not to mention it was fucking embarrassing as hell.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    I agree chucky. Fucking morons.

  3. erniesarmy Says:

    Nemo, in the other thread, pretty much summed it up for me. They were on a roll, then, suddenly, out of nowhere, they’re rolled in the NLCS. The series that gets you to the W.S. Happened in 84, 89, and 03. The one series that gets them to where they want to be, and suddenly they can’t play anymore.

    1984, up 2-0 on a roll. Nothing can stop them now!
    2003, up 3-2, holding a 3-0 with only five outs to go. Nothing can stop them now!
    1969 up 9 games in middle of August. Nothing can stop them now!
    2015, finish off the two teams with the best records in baseball. Nothing can stop them now!

    How many times do they need the opportunity to at least get in the W.S.? Two? Three? How about five? FIve times and they finally do it?

    No. This whole franchise has “we can’t do it” in their heads, and we, they, and the whole league know it. And I don’t see that changing with what they’ve got going now. They need a Sandy Koufax, a Bob Gibson, a Tom Seaver, a Jim Palmer, a Randy Johnson, a Curt Schilling, a Madison Bumgarner type of stud in their rotation, and a Mariano Rivera type stud closer, and they don’t have it! The Mets have developed a rotation that, unless there are major injuries, are going to be a force good enough to shut down the Cubs lineup for a long time.

    Unless the Cubs can counter that rotation some way, those young position players they have right now will eventually get fed up with losing like all the rest, and leave via free agency. Everybody gets tired of being on a losing team after a while, no matter how much they pay. See Greg Maddux.

    I honestly thought Arrieta was the guy, but he wilted like all the rest. They have got to get a stud pitcher, like right now, or this almost getting there but falling short will go on year after year just like this year.

  4. genrebuster Says:

    Nemo. If you think I’m dismissing this playoff humiliation as “teams just get hot”, you’re wrong. Of course the Cubs are flawed. And very young.

    Ernie, I agree with much of what you, Nemo and others have posted. Yes, the Cubs need another strong arm, it’s no secret. And a Rivera-like closer would be fantastic.

    I don’t agree that Arrieta “wilted”. He wasn’t “lights out” in the end but he wasn’t terrible. Maybe he was tired, who the fuck knows (?). Regardless, the Cubs could do NOTHING against the Mets pitching. The 6 home runs they hit against the Cardinals in one game was an ABERRATION, just like Murphy hitting 7 home runs in 38 at bats thus far this post-season was (he only hit 14 in 499 at bats during the regular season). Both of those events are RECORDS…that is, in the ENTIRE history of MAJOR LEAGUE baseball they have NOT happened before.

    I’m not sure that the young Cubs players are much affected by what happened in the past…this is a YOUNG Cubs team. But it’s pretty fucking obvious to me that MANY Cub’s fans are “affected by the past”..so I’m all for psychiatric evaluations, for EVERYBODY affected.

    As for Joe Maddon: he wasn’t perfect…but I don’t blame this series loss on him. In fact, I give him – and Theo Epstein – much of the credit for the Cubs making it as far as they did. They won 73 games last year; to win 97 a year later with this YOUNG lineup, only 2 quality starters, and an inconsistent bullpen greatly exceeded my expectations.

    Like I previously stated, I agree with much of what has been previously posted. But I don’t see this loss to the Mets as a choke. 2003, call it a choke…and I pin that on Dusty the toothpick chomping idiot Baker, Alou’s shitty attitude and the PATHETIC whiny-ass Cub’s fan who buy into the utter FUCKING BULLSHIT of a so-called curse.

    Yes, I’m very disappointed that the Cubs didn’t go all the way…but I agree with a good friend of mine who has been an ESPN cameraman for years and does many of the BIG events (WS, Superbowl, NBA finals, yada)…he happens to be a lifelong Cardinals fan and e-mailed me the following after the Cubs eliminated the Cards: “you’ve waited a long time…go cubbies! ….hv fun w. it… the cubs will be so good for yrs…”

  5. erniesarmy Says:

    You are correct, Genre. But, all that youth, talent, one year experience, and a couple of good arms means diddly squat if they cannot get past that NLCS!

    If they can get the Pennant, then I would agree they are going to “be good for years.” But, and that is a big BUT, they have to cross that barrier, or it’s all just more talk!

  6. Nemo Says:

    So the fucking Mets are done!! Theo’s unstoppable juggernaut handled in a mere 5 games. Best closer in all of baseball sets a record for blown saves. Future hall of famer Daniel Murphy reduced to a goat twice over while batting .150 and ZERO Rbi’s. I am slightly happy tonight but it also gets me more mad at how EASILY BEATABLE this team was

    Genre, yeah, Cubs are young, but so are the Mets-but Mets dominated. Their veterans performed and ours didn’t. Still waiting for Miguel Montero to show up. I’m not saying these Cubs are one and done, but with the exception of 2007-8, that has been the case. I am saying that things are never certain and that the most needs to be made of opportunities-and the Cubs failed miserably. When the Bears won the Super Bowl everyone was like “They’re the 2nd youngest team in the NFL, they are going to win so many Super Bowls!” They were good for several years but never even got back there. So, we will see. But, I can’t be bothered until the Cubs have a game in November. Haven’t read a single article since the series.

    Ernie-do you remember in 84 some people were like “Why start Scott Sanderson in Game 4? Go with Sutcliffe and the Trout in Game 5 if necessary.” Probably wouldn’t have mattered.

    Take care guys, not sure how often I’ll be around for awhile. I should comment on the Bears debacle today, but I don’t know. I kinda just don’t give a shit about sports right now. Maybe when hockey playoffs start. Maybe sooner if something interesting happens. We’ll see.

  7. genrebuster Says:

    Nemo, please don’t be a stranger for too long. You’re one of the few who still stop in and leave lengthy, opinionated and insightful posts. Back when original FDB was going, this place was on fire.

    Fro has been very generous in keeping this site going, and I enjoy all the non-baseball related topics….even current wrestling, which I know nothing about.

    I haven’t been doing much to keep the baseball part of the site going…I’m sorry about that, but I have a very full plate at the moment.

    I do understand your feelings re: the Cubs. The Royals kicked the Mets’ asses almost as badly as the Mets did the Cubs….go figure. You and others have made some great points, for sure.

    It’s painful being a Cubs fan but I’m cautiously optimistic things will continue to improve… All the best, G-B

    (…fade to black with sound of bleating sheep in the background…)


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