The Fred Hoiberg Era is among us.



On Tuesday, the Bulls will begin their 50th season. Sadly, they have not been relevant since 1998. I am trying my hardest to be optimistic this year. Of course, the roadblock known as LeBron James stands in their way when it comes to winning the East. However, if it’s any indication of what I saw in the preseason, if the Bulls were to fail to get past the Cavaliers, at least I know that the coach put the team in the best position to win.

I can just take the last preseason game as an example. At the end of the game, Doug McDermott was in the game. In fact, he hit the game-winner a single second left. This entire preseason, Fred Hoiberg has played the entire team. He’s given just about everyone a chance to play. And it appears, that the 12 or 13 guys on the roster will be given an opportunity.

And that’s all I’ve asked for over the last five years.

With ThomASS, it was play six guys and the other four or five stay put. That’s what killed those teams. I still feel that Hoiberg was dealt damaged goods. Derrick Rose has always been an idiot but these injuries have exposed his lack of social skills even more. When it comes to Joakim Noah, he’s became dumber by not adjusting his game according to his own injuries.¬†Unfortunately, the Bulls are stuck with him.

We’re going to find out starting Tuesday if Hoiberg is going to continue to use the entire team in games and not play five or six guys 40+ minutes. The Bulls need to stay healthy to have any chance. We’re also going to find out if he’s going to bench others for shitty play (i.e. Joakim Noah driblling the ball up court because he thinks he’s a point guard).

With what I’ve seen, the Bulls are closer to a championship with Fred Hoiberg than they were with ThomASS.

One Response to “The Fred Hoiberg Era is among us.”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    I was worried that the Bulls were going to be “same old Bulls” with a 13-point lead in the game. The Bulls were then, up eight with under a minute to go when Love hit two threes in a row. The Bulls missed three straight shots and it came down the final seconds. Gasol blocks James and then Butler tips the ball on the last play. The Bulls also missed seven free throws.

    2010-2015 Bulls: Only play six or seven players in a game. Multiple players lead the league in minutes.

    2015-2016 Bulls: Play ten players and minutes are managed well. Yes, I know it’s only one game, but it’s encouraging.

    I can say this as a fact, last year’s Bulls blow this game completely.


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