Zach Miller saves the day (and possibly the season): Bears 22 Chargers 19


Well, I don’t know what’s more exciting than watching a pair of two-win teams facing off in the middle of the season on Monday Night Football. I really wish the Bears had at least, two more wins to make me think they have a chance of contending, but that’s just not the case. I expect tonight’s game to be a continuation of the tire fire that is the 2015 Chicago Bears.

– Me earlier today at Fire Ron Turner

Thanks to some awful calls and a penalty by a Chargers’ lineman, the Bears squeaked one out on the road. I think what pisses me off is that the Bears shit themselves against the Lions and Vikings in the previous two games. The Bears could easily be 5-3 and have an outside chance of contending for the division. Instead, we have this crap. But let’s get back to why the Bears won this game, shall we?

Jay Cutler – Cutler passed Sid Luckman as the all-time leader in franchise history for touchdown passes. Just to show you how bad the Bears have been over their 96 years of existence, Sid set that record in the 1950’s. Yes, Dickface throws a lot of interceptions. He had one tonight that was returned for a touchdown. However, he is still, the best quarterback this franchise has ever seen. These last three games have been his best games all year. He’s not going to be cut after next season. The crop of college quarterbacks doesn’t look good for the next two years anyway, so Cutler is the best option.

Penalties – Those yellow things were thrown all night. The Bears had some after the plays ended. Kyle Long might have said something that went too far for an unsportsmanlike. The one that saved the Bears was illegal man downfield that should have been a touchdown for the Chargers. But hey, rules are rules, I suppose.

Jeremy Langford and Ka’Deem Carey: Well, more of Langford in this one part of the recap, but Carey did pretty damn well, too. Langford had an amazing catch early in the game. I can’t remember if that drive lead to the first touchdown or the last missed field goal for Robbie Gould. Speaking of overrated…

Robbie Gould – Fuck this guy. He did nothing to help the Bears. And this overrated asshole will remain a Bear for the next few years because Phil Emery caved in two years ago and gave this turd a long-term contract. “I have to feed my family” is what he said back then. I know I keep bringing that up, but when a professional athlete who has made millions of dollars in the previous eight years says something like that, it’s an insult to the fans.

LaMarr Houston – So nice of this guy to finally show up in his second season with the team. Good Lord. He sacks Rivers on the final drive and as he did his usual celebration, I couldn’t help but think back to last year. Yes, you remember this. It was the game where the Bears were down 30 or whatever it was against the Patriots. The Bears were so bad, Brady took the rest of the game off and let Jimmy Garoppolo play. Houston sacks him, does his celebration and wait, what’s that? He tore his ACL celebrating a sack on a backup quarterback with his team down 30? Sweet. Well, he sacked Rivers twice in three plays, did his celebration both times and didn’t get it. It proved to be the difference.

Bears win. The Rams are next in St. Louis. I’m going to bed.

One Response to “Zach Miller saves the day (and possibly the season): Bears 22 Chargers 19”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    One thing I did want to add. There were a ton of Bears fans at this game. The fans are all over the place and while I can’t stand most that I see at Soldier Field (mostly because they are drunk idiots who shout “Green Bay sucks”), it’s nice to see them in droves in other cities. It’s just too bad the Bears are terrible.


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