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  1. Fro Dog Says:

    Chucky, the Bears are still the Bears, the Bulls have been doing better and the Blackhawks are up and down to the start the season. That being said, I feel that I need to shift this conversation to something more important. I need your feedback (as well anyone else’s who may have some knowledge on this topic).

    As you know, we had the tournament of babes again this past March. As the games in 2013 went, a lot of them who were there ended up leaving or getting fired.

    In the last year or two, I have been watching a lot of WGN morning and afternoon news. I feel that I’ve missed out on some high-quality candidates.

    1. Ana Belaval – It took me a while to get the hang of her. She grew on me. At first, I was annoyed by her but two weeks ago for a Halloween segment, she had a real sexy costume on that won me over. For whatever reason, I should have put her in the that tournament.

    2. Amy Rutledge – This lady is one that I am kicking myself over for completely forgetting that she existed. I feel like karma will come and bite me in the ass on this one. Our friend, Jimmy D. would have loved this woman. I told him there weren’t any other red heads in Chicago television than Erin McElroy. She’s usually on in the evenings with report segments and I believe she’s on the weekends as well.

    Your thoughts, please.

  2. chucky Says:

    Fro……first and foremost, thank you for asking my opinion. I certainly appreciate it, my fitness friend!

    1. Ana Belaval. The weird thing about her is that one day she is kind of annoying, the next day she’s the hottest woman on the planet. Overall, I like her. I can be annoying too, so I can’t hold that against her.

    2. Amy Rutledge. I’ll just quote Stone Cold Steve Austin:
    Ohhhhhh, HELL YEAH!!!!! Don’t underestimate her, she’s quite nice to look at like the total pig that I am!

    And please allow me one entry into your sweepstakes: Lourdes Duarte. I think I mentioned her once before. I don’t remember if she make your tournament. If not, she is definitely a deserving entrant. She is truly outstanding.

    Again, thank you for asking. I hope I helped you.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    You and I have very similar thoughts on Ana. I think when she is sent to do a segment on a topic that she absolutely has zero interest in, I think it takes away her enthusiasm. But, once again, what I saw on Halloween with her trying on multiple costumes, she was enjoying it. I think they should put her in the studio more and send Robin Baumgarten and Paul Konrad on the road more.

    I figured you would be into Amy. She’s a red head, so we know Jimmy D. would adore her. Ever since Erin McElroy married Demetrius Ivory, I just have been heartbroken. How could she do such a thing? And by the way, he replaced Skilling at noon. I can tolerate that.

    I remember you mentioning Lourdes. None of these women that I mentioned made the tournament. Had I not had a brain fart, I think Rutledge would be high on the selection list. Lourdes is fantastic. Sadly, I am not up early enough to catch her on TV. I think what’s sad is that WGN has 11 1/2 hours of news on weekdays. That many hours of news on there is as useless as three-hour Monday Night Raws. It just doesn’t make sense. Less is more.

    Here are some pictures.

  4. chucky Says:

    Damn!!!!! Those are two good lookin’ ladies. Out of my league, that’s for sure. Depressing at times, I’ll tell you.

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    You know who I also forgot to mention? Mai Martinez of CBS 2. I was basically indifferent to her a few years ago but now, that’s the one I want. She’s definitely sexy, as well.

    That’s four women in total that we should have put in this tournament. I mean, Lauren Jiggetts gets pregnant and I am not even the father. Lyndsay Petruny left us high and dry after winning and likewise for Jen Lada. Lourdes, Ana, Amy and Mai have all been here a while and are looking to stay here for life.

    Dare I say, have a special tournament around Christmas between these four to crown a true, most gorgeous woman in Chicago television?

  6. chucky Says:

    Fro…..I almost forgot one too! She been around for quite some time. Jackie Bange from WGN. I think she’s only a few years younger than me (I’m a few weeks away from turning 52), but damn, she still looks pretty damn good to me! I wouldn’t mind seeing Jackie getting into this.

  7. Fro Dog Says:

    I don’t know why I can’t get into her. I think the only semi-funny thing I can say about her is that I can call her is “Jackie Gange Bange”. That’s about it, though.

  8. Fro Dog Says:

    Oh, look, the Bears gave up another opening drive. The Rams go 80 yards in three minutes.


  9. chucky Says:

    You beat me to it Fro. The Bears obviously have no interest in playing any defense. Gurley is making the Bears defense his own personal bitches. It’s going to be one coyote ass ugly game.

  10. chucky Says:

    And just when I finish typed, Cutler connects with Zach Miller for a 87 yard pass.

    Do I dare say there might be some hope yet?

  11. Fro Dog Says:

    So nice to see Marc Mariani fumble for the third time this season on a return right after the defense shocked us all and made a stop. Fuckface.

  12. chucky Says:

    Now, now Fro. That isn’t nice.

  13. Fro Dog Says:

    Well, that’s just too bad. And why not have someone like Josh Bellamy take back kicks? He’s faster.

    Zach Miller is quickly becoming a fan favorite and Ka’Deem Carey is proving to be a nice backup to Jeremy Langford. I know it’s still a small sample size, but this is good to see.

  14. Fro Dog Says:

    Why is Mariani still out there taking back kicks? Spiegal, Goff along with Boers and Bernstein have all pretty much said the same thing about John Fox. He’s a great coach Monday through Saturday, but a terrible one on Sundays. Sounds like the same thing people said about Lovie.

  15. Fro Dog Says:

    Langford with the touchdown! Holy shit. The Rams brought just about everyone to blitz and Cutler was able to get it out in time. Nice blocks by the line and by Wilson up the field.

  16. dvxprime Says:

    Cutler 12-15, 233 yds, 3 TDs at the two minute warning in the first half. OMFG, have the Bears finally decided that they are an NFL team (pending second half performance, of course)?

  17. Fro Dog Says:

    “pending second half performance…”

    You would be correct. We have witnessed horse shit performances in the games against the Lions and Vikings when it appeared that the Bears were going to win if it weren’t for the defense pissing all over themseleves at the end.

  18. Fro Dog Says:

    The Bears have had three straight possessions on offense where they could not score. The Rams just got a field goal to get within 11. The Bears need to get a touchdown on this drive to get themselves some breathing room.

  19. Fro Dog Says:

    It’s good to see Tracy Porter play like it’s 2009. He’s been the best player on defense today.

  20. chucky Says:

    Fro… subject for the moment. Did you hear that Nick Bockwinkel has passed away? I was really saddened to find that out. I grew up on him and Ray “the Crippler” Stevens, starting probably around 1974, or maybe 75. I ALWAYS loved his arrogance, charisma, and total professionalism. He is a true Hall of Famer if there ever was one.

    R.I.P. Tricky Nick. You were one hell of a great performer. And thanks for the memories.

  21. Fro Dog Says:

    I read that this morning and meant to bring it up to you. I knew you were a big fan of his back in the day, so it must have hit you a bit more than others. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2007. I was at that Wrestlemania in Detroit but didn’t go to the ceremony the night before. Reports said his health was failing.

    Rhodes, Piper and Bockwinkel have all left us this year. It’s been an awful year for wrestling.

  22. chucky Says:

    Fro…Add Verne Gagne to the list too. Verne had Alzheimer’s real bad. I’m not glad about his death, but I am glad he’s not suffering anymore. I heard a clip of Steve Austin’s podcast when he had Ric Flair on, and Flair said that Bockwinkel had Alzheimer’s too. You’re right, it’s been a real bad year. We’re losing too many legends. I keep thinking that Bobby Heenan would be next. He looks terrible. I think they had to remove his jaw bone, like they did with Roger Ebert. It sucks because Heenan was such a great talker.


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