This is the most bi-polar Bulls team I have ever seen in my life.



As it usually goes when both teams are playing, I am always switching back and forth between the Bulls and Blackhawks. It drives me nuts at times because I tend to miss something when I switch. Last night, I was at it again.

The Bulls, seemingly playing well after back-to-back pants-shitting performances, did it again with their third straight loss. Zero defense, shitty free throw shooting and too many damn turnovers. Sound familiar?

Once again, let me say that Hoiberg is still a million times better than ThomASS. The Bulls still have a better chance of winning games now than they did with the previous moron. These horseshit performances are on the players.

It isn’t fucking hard to guard somebody. I feel like I am talking about the Bears with that sentence but this goes for the Bulls as well.

The Bulls win six in a row and are chasing the Cavaliers for first place and all of a sudden, they lose three in a row in shitty fashion. How the fuck does this keep happening? Most of their wins look great but all of their losses look shitty. It’s one thing for them to lose a game and it’s another to lose it without even looking like they’re trying.

Oh and that dumbass Joakim Noah is back. Maybe he has something to do with it? This current three-game losing streak started when this moron came back. Bobby Portis can’t see the court again because of it and he’s a million times better.

Because of the lack of the defense the entire season, I am already exhausted from this team 37 games into it. Is Mel Tucker employed in Chicago again? I don’t fucking get it. Everybody on the other team seems to be open under the basket and at the top of the key. It’s driving me fucking insane.

8 Responses to “This is the most bi-polar Bulls team I have ever seen in my life.”

  1. genrebuster Says:

    If Mel Tucker is employed in Chicago, the city is DOOOOOOOOOOMED.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Hey, the Bulls were at it again last night. They gave up, yet again, more than 100 points with zero defense to speak of. It is alarming. I am not going to say Fred Hoiberg is Marc Trestman and one of the assistants is Mel Tucker, but it’s looking really ugly all of a sudden. What teams have figured out is if they just put someone under the basket, wait a bit, eventually they’ll be wide open for an easy layup or dunk. Or, they’ll let someone stand at the top of the key for an easy three point shot. It isn’t a coincidence that some of these teams are all of a sudden shooting 50% from the court against the Bulls.

    They beat the Sixers in overtime and it shouldn’t have went that far.

  3. dvxprime Says:

    The mind boggles. The Bulls actually spotted the worst team in pro basketball a 24 point lead before needing OT to beat them.

    And Derrick Rose is hurt. Again.

    This team’s gonna get blown up after the season ends.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    Another piss-poor performance last night against the Mavericks. This is fucking atrocious. As I said earlier, this is all on the players. They are the ones missing the free throws and also going cold in situations where they really need a bucket. Dirk Nowitzki was ice cold last night until the fourth quarter when he was making just about every crazy shot he took.

    And whenever Joakim Noah wants to go away, fine with me. He sprained his shoulder again.

  5. dvxprime Says:

    Noah needs surgery on his shoulder, he’s done for the season.

  6. dvxprime Says:

    Sooo…does Gar/Pax blow up the roster now, or what?

  7. Fro Dog Says:

    They will never do that. Why? Because if they do, they will admit that they are failures and it’s just not something those two morons will accept. And the owner of this fucking franchise, Jerry Reinsdorf, is no where to be seen. Can someone tell me the last time this asshole held a press conference on the state of the Bulls?

    It’s something we all should have seen coming during the 90’s. Loyalty has ruined this franchise. I know I have repeated myself with this, but because Jerry Krause was Reinsdorf’s friend, he never was fired. Instead, he was allowed to ruin a dynasty and was eager to kick everyone out the door.

    Enter John Paxson in 2003. Once again, it’s loyalty to an employee. He put a team together and it appeared they were going somewhere. Then, the wheels fell off in 2007 after the failed Kobe Bryant trade. They get lucky and get the first pick in the draft with Derrick Rose. And we all know what has happened in the years following that.

    John Paxson has had hired four coaches (Scott Skiles, Vinny Del Negro, Tom Thibodeau and now, Fred Hoiberg) and none of them have worked. You would think eventually, that coaches are the problem but also, management.

    When a general manager in any sport gets to hire four coaches in a span of 13 years without any progress, there is a problem. I know in the NFL, more than two coaches in most cases gets a general manager fired.

    With the Bulls as well as the Bears, you can suck at your job for years and still keep it. See: Ted Phillips.

  8. dvxprime Says:

    In other words: Reinsdorf has his six banners (TY, mr. Jordan) courtesy of The Legend, the Bulls are making bank…so, fuck trying to do anything more than keep this team as a pretend playoff contender.

    He probably thinks it’s okay that the White Sox won their World Series and he doesn’t have to do shit as long as the Sox are making money.

    Fat bastard.


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