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  1. dvxprime Says:

    God Bless the Black Hawks.

    Blow up the Bulls.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Keep dreaming when it comes to the Bulls. John Paxson and Gar Forman could do no wrong. No matter how bad their draft picks or contracts to veterans may be, it doesn’t matter. It’s an example of how loyalty can bite you in the ass. This is a business and yet, Jerry Reinsdorf still refuses to treat it as such because Paxson and Forman are his friends.

    This is why the Bulls have been irrelevant for almost 20 years. And I know that I have repeated myself numerous times with all of this. It just pisses me off and I pray that things change soon. Reinsdorf kept Jerry Krause for the same fucking reason and it ruined the franchise after the sixth title because he got rid of everybody.

    I can’t sit here and say that the Bulls would have won a seventh title or whatever, but they could have had a much better chance to still be a good team despite Jordan and Pippen getting older. They couldn’t even keep other players because Krause didn’t want them. I cringe when I think of the Bulls from 1999-2004.

    And if someone give me a reason for the following, please do, but why do Chicago sports teams have a shitty history of piss-poor management? Is it the water in this city? I mean, I’ve drank city fountain water in large amounts and I am still, somewhat sane. Why do the people who are hired turn into fuck tards?

  3. chucky Says:

    Fro…..the answer to your question is simple. it’s called OWNERSHIP. Let’s look at them to verify this.

    Bulls/White Sox – Jerry Reinsdorf, or as I’ll call him, Jerry Reinsdork. As you said, loyal to a fault. No way to run a business, especially in sports.

    Bears – McCaskey family, including the OLD BITCH. My feelings about this trainwreck disaster of owners are well documented on this website. If any owner should be FORCED to sell their team, it’s this goddamn bunch of fuckin assbags.

    Blackhawks – I wish I knew more about them, but I just can’t get that jacked about hockey. I do remember the days when TV coverage was blacked out if the arena wasn’t sold out. Yeah, like THAT made any sense. Morons.

    Cubs – Well, there IS a reason why the Cubs haven’t won a World Series title in 108 years, isn’t there? Between the Wrigley family and the goddamn Tribune Company, which I’m personally in a massive pissing contest with right now, they’re lucky to have been able to even stay viable. Fortunately for them, they’ve amassed quite a large fanbase of sheeple.

    And there you have it, fitness friend. It’s not the water. It’s not the climate here in Chicago. It’s called the “arrogance of ownership”. Key word here is “arrogance”. Each and every one of these asshole cocksucker owners is arrogant as hell, think they know everything there is to know, and have hired cowardly yes-men who won’t question one single decision that they make. The Bears are the worst in that department. And as long as they can keep drawing in the sheeple to their venues, they don’t care about winning because they’re all rolling in money. And in the end, the money is all that really matters.

  4. dvxprime Says:

    I’m gonna take a single wild-ass guess at your question, Fro.

    I say it’s money and complacency.

    Take Reinsdorf’s rich, fat ass. He got six titles with Jordan and the Bulls. He got his drought-breaking World Series win with the White Sox? Now all he’s gotta do is figure out how to keep the revenue streams producing from both teams w/o all that pesky “contending for a championship” nonsense.

    All he has to do is perpetually hire guys who will make just enough moves to keep teams in contention, thereby stoking the fan base. By the time the Bulls or Sox fade out of contention, he’s already in the black for the year.

    Reinsdorf has found a way to keep the stands filled (somebody want to check the average attendance figures for the Bulls and the Sox) and keep the team in the black, without making the teams no-shit contenders like the Black Hawks, and he’s rich enough to (privately) flip the bird to the fans and the sports media who complain about it.

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    I think we all could agree that these teams are awful with business decisions. One thing that I have talked about numerous times over the years is the argument with the teams aren’t cheap with the money they spend. It’s the fact that they don’t spend that money wisely.

    In any sport, a team is built through drafting young players. Teams that continue to draft well, have better teams and thus, better chances to win a championship.

    The Bears are a prime example of doing the opposite. In the NFL, a team can’t contend just by signing free agents. The free agents being signed not just by the Bears, but in general, are either past their primes or only have a year or two left in them. Example: Jermon Bushrod. The Bears released him yesterday after reportedly, failing a physical. He was very solid the first year or two. Last year, he had bad injuries. He’s probably done in the NFL.

    That’s why the Bears are fucked for the next few years (as our old friend, Einstein mentioned in the last post). The Bears continue to draft shitty players and sign free agents who’s best years are behind them or ones who are about to be finished. That isn’t a winning formula in the NFL.

  6. abdallaha92 Says:

    Jerry Reinsdolf is a pathetic owner. He let Krause destroy the bulls, and if they didn’t get lucky and get D-Rose the bulls would haven’t even had good records in recent years. Fire Hoidberg, Fire Paxson, Fire Forman. Sell the damn team Reinsdolf.

    BTW see how pathetic the White Sox are? Robin Ventura has sucked since we hired him and he’s still here.

  7. abdallaha92 Says:

    Ok I just found some info that is making me really pissed. TOM THIBS WANTED BULLS TO DRAFT DRAYMOND GREEN.

    Draymond is a fucking ALL STAR. Teague isn’t even in the league. Bulls should have fired Forman and Paxson first and then seen how Thibs did. Fuck the Bulls until those 2 cunts are gone. FUCK THIS SHIT. I’ve had it with fucking Jerry Reinsdolf.

  8. chucky Says:

    abdallaha……are you trying to give me a run for my money in the ANGER department? That’s a nice little rant you got there pal. I’m impressed.

    Keep up the good work. I can always use the competition!

  9. abdallaha92 Says:

    Thanks chucky. 🙂

  10. chucky Says:

    Absolutely. Credit where credit is due. And like I said, keep it coming. It’s good stuff there. I’m enjoying the hell out of it

  11. Fro Dog Says:

    I, for one, enjoy the presence of GARY. Does he sometimes make comments that are asinine? Sure. I appreciate anyone who visits this very dark corner of the internet. But lately, he’s starting to see the light and I am enjoying it. I never thought Chuckster would take a liking to the guy. But now, seeing how those two are becoming ANGRY bastards together, it’s entertaining.

    I am not trying to assume things, but I think Genre is the more calm one here. He’s pissed off like the rest of us, but he seems to handle it in a more comical way by what he says. I wish I had the sense of humor. Instead, I am an uptight, stubborn and pissed off individual when it comes to some of the teams that I love.

  12. abdallaha92 Says:

    I found a petition to fire Gar Forman.

  13. dvxprime Says:

    Hey, gents. It’s about three hours to the NBA trading deadline.

    Remember all that shit that D-Rose was talking about “getting paid in the free agent market” before the season started?

    According to SI’s trading deadline live wire, apparently nobody’s asking for him. The Bulls are (more or less) going to keep Pau Gasol for now.

    Assuming things stay pat after the deadline passes, that means Joakim Noah, Gasol, and Rose all get to take a hike after the season.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, and also let me know how the Bulls will be for next years draft (2 picks? 1? Not a damn thing because we traded away our picks?)…

  14. dvxprime Says:

    Update 1: Why the fuck are the Bulls talking to the Kings about trading Gasol?

    “ESPN’s Chris Broussard reports the Bulls and Kings are still discussing a deal involving Pau Gasol and Tony Snell for Kosta Koufos and Ben McLemore.” SI as of 12:30 p.m. EST

  15. dvxprime Says:

    Update 2 (probably the last on because WORK!!!):

    “The Bulls and Magic are discussing a trade involving Shabazz Napier, Wojnarowski also reports.” SI as of 1p.m. EST

  16. Fro Dog Says:

    Bernstein is roasting the Bulls on The Score right now. It’s nice to see others who are just as pissed off. I actually agree with a bunch of the stuff he is saying.

  17. dvxprime Says:

    Hinrich traded for a 2d round draft pick. Woooo.

  18. abdallaha92 Says:

    Bulls lost again. They might not make the playoffs. They’re fucking pathetic. Time to cut the dead weight.

  19. Fro Dog Says:

    There is zero accountability from this fucking franchise. 20 years ago, this was a proud and successful franchise. I was lucky to be old enough to enjoy all six championships. To this fucking day, even through all of those awful years, the Bulls have lead the NBA in attendance. That’s right, no matter what, the Bulls have more fans attend games than any other team in the last 25 years. Because of this, the Bulls charge more for tickets than any other NBA team.

    I’ve never sat real close to the action at NBA games. Why? Because face value seats within the first few roads cost about $1000. Courtside seats will cost about $2000. How those fans afford those seats every game is beyond my imagination.

    And yet, here is this franchise, pissing on our heads and telling us it’s raining. I cannot believe how little I’ve cared in the last month about this team. Around the start of the New Year, the Bulls were closing in on first place in the conference. And as GARY mentioned above me, they may not make the playoffs.

    But hey, I am okay with that now. Of course, Reinsdorf won’t get that extra cash from playoff home games, but at least us fans can sit there for a little while and pray that they get lucky by getting a high lottery pick.

  20. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Is anyone else buying this World Series hype? The pitching staff still sucks, there’s almost no chance that Arrieta pitches as well as he did last year, and history suggests that WS favorites often don’t even clinch a postseason berth the next season. One injury to our top three pitchers (or Lester regresses anymore than last year) and they’re in trouble.

  21. genrebuster Says:

    abdallaha/Gary….keep up the great work, my frendt 🙂 if you keep impressing chucky and the rest of us…well, it could get even more interesting… (paging The Ghost….)

    As for me being calm…nothing could be further from the truth. I’m just trying to keep the car on the road, when/as possible…

    But it doesn’t really matter, as all of the aforementioned PATHETIC greedy stinking asshole douchebags who can’t get out the way of their respective teams will continue to FUCK everything up for said teams.

    Gentlemen, it’s the gift that keeps on giving: smash the pinata with a piece of heavy mining equipment and steaming piles of shit will spew forth, dropping on your head. Inhale, and do it again.


    …and the sheeple said “baaaaaaah baaaaaaahh baaaaaaaaah” as they continued to celebrate mediocrity and happily give more and more of their cash to support the greedy little men and women who are happy to LOSE because after all they’re loaded and can buy all the shiny things they want…and I hear that’s what WINNING is all about (in some miserable universe, not mine).

  22. genrebuster Says:

    Pie. I’m listening….but my wallet is closed at this point in time.

    tick tock…tick tock….etc.


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