Open thread


Your thoughts on the Bears’ draft picks are welcome. And if someone can tell me why the Bears cut Matt Slauson, feel free. In a time where the Bears need as many lineman as possible, they get rid of someone who can still play another year or two.

List of draft picks:

Leonard Floyd – Linebacker (Georgia)

Cody Whitehair (by cracky) – Offensive lineman (Kansas State)

Jonathan Bullard – Defensive end (Florida)

Nick Kwiatkowski – Linebacker (West Virginia)

Deon Bush (by cracky) – Safety (Miami)

Deiondre Hall – Cornerback/Safety (Northern Iowa)

Jordan Howard – Running back (Indiana)

DeAndre Houston-Carson – Safety (William & Mary)

Daniel Braverman – Wide receiver (Western Michigan)

One Response to “Open thread”

  1. tony Says:

    I would have went with Tunsil. Then try to move up for a myles jack.

    But the draft is ok, the bears leaped frogged to get the guy they wanted, the Giants would have grabbed him otherwise.


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