+ and –


To be clear, I’m not panicking.

Plus: Arrieta pitched well.

Minus: Another bullpen FAIL. And to make it worse, then loading the bases with no outs and FAILING to score one run (for the tie), or more.

Our friend ernie has offered the following…I think he’s been watching the Cubs longer than I have, I’m happy to feature his thoughts here:

(from another blog): “Sorry… but if your closer blows a hold or save in 4 out of his last 5 or 6…AND then you can’t score a single run with bases loaded, no one out…You ain’t a legit playoff team. It’s that simple. THIS is why you don’t give up the farm to go “all-in” this year.”

ernie: “Hey, Genre, this might be a good post for the near future. Do the Cubs go “all-in” this year? I agree with the poster, this team is not ready to make a serious run for the playoffs this year. Forget trading valuable farm pieces for a Chapman or a Miller. Play out the year, see what you can get in Winter Meetings, and see if this club matures enough in 2017 to be a legit contender. They aren’t there yet, that’s a fact.”

Back to me. You see this guy? I would NOT trade him.

MLB: Chicago Cubs-Photo Day

Have at it.


4 Responses to “+ and –”

  1. chucky Says:

    I thought you couldn’t trade a player who is injured. If I’m wrong about that, fine. But then the question would be this: What team would take a guy with a bad knee, even if you know he’ll be fully recovered for next year? I wouldn’t trade for him.

    By the way, Ernie is 100% spot on with his observations. This team isn’t ready to go to the World Series, and no, they should NOT go “all in”. And if anyone wants to disagree with that, just take one look at the White Sux and see how well that’s worked out for them.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    Word on the street: the Yankees are very interested in Schwarber.

    Word on the street: the Cubs are the best team in baseball.

  3. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Well, Cubs just made their first trade.

    The Chicago Cubs acquired Seattle Mariners lefty Mike Montgomery on Wednesday along with Triple-A pitcher Jordan Pries for Triple-A slugger Dan Vogelbach and Double-A pitcher Paul Blackburn, the team announced.


    Vogelbach is supposed to be one of the top, if not the top, power-hitting prospects in our farm system. Was lighting it up in Triple-A Iowa. But he’s blocked by Rizzo and can’t play anywhere other than 1B.

    Not sure we got enough value for Vogelbach but it should spell doom for Clayton Richard.

  4. erniesarmy Says:

    Pie; I hope you are right about Richard. I don’t know anything about Montgomery or Pries. I guess we will have to trust the scouting Cubs management has been doing on them. I hope he works out. But, I still wanted either Miller or Betances from the Yankees. This team still lacks a closer.

    They beat the Mets today 6-2 behind Hendricks’ solid effort again. That kid impresses me more each time I see him.

    But, going back to what Chucky said, I still do not think the Cubs are mentally there yet. Losses like yesterday’s just confirmed that belief. But, baseball being a crazy game, you just never know.


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