Change is hard!


After Dusty Baker’s mistake, the Nationals face yet another test of their resilience

Dusty bobblehead


10 Responses to “Change is hard!”

  1. erniesarmy Says:

    What can one say about Dusty … Where’s Chucky?

  2. chucky Says:

    Right here Ernie. All I can say is this:\

    THANK FUCKING GAWD THAT FUCKING, GODDAMNED TOOTHPICK EATING ASSHAT IS FUCKING GONE FROM CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!! I miss that motherfucking asswipe as much as much as I’d miss having VD. Dusty, you are a worthless bag of fuck, and you don’t deserve to be in a major league ball park unless you bought a fucking ticket. And I might even question that, you fucking shit sucking goddamn HACK!!!!!

    How was that Ernie?

  3. genrebuster Says:

    Mission accomplished! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    …in other news, Lester just game up a HR…he just can’t help it.

  4. erniesarmy Says:

    “How was that Ernie?” Not bad, not bad, but you left out, “walks just clog the bases,” “I need my horses,” and “Hispanics like playing in the sun.” What I would like to know is what do the Nationals know that the 2002 Giants and the 2003 Cubs don’t? Had his teams up 3-2 in both, and he blew it both times!

  5. erniesarmy Says:

    Cubs 1 Mets 1 going into the 8th. These are the kinds of games the Cubs will face come playoff time. Can they reach deep down and pull out a win? I say, “No.” But, let’s see what happens.

  6. erniesarmy Says:

    I hate to say “I told you”, but, “I told you.” Final: Mets 2 Cubs 1, and the Cubs had the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth with NOBODY out!

    Cubs lack heart, guts, mental toughness, whatever you want to call it they ain’t go it!

    Until that changes, this team will never get past the NLCS … never!

  7. erniesarmy Says:

    From another blog: “Sorry… but if your closer blows a hold or save in 4 out of his last 5 or 6…AND then you can’t score a single run with bases loaded, no one out…You ain’t a legit playoff team.
    It’s that simple. THIS is why you don’t give up the farm to go “all-in” this year.”

    Hey, Genre, this might be a good post for the near future. Do the Cubs go “all-in” this year? I agree with the poster, this team is not ready to make a serious run for the playoffs this year. Forget trading valuable farm pieces for a Chapman or a Miller. Play out the year, see what you can get in Winter Meetings, and see if this club matures enough in 2017 to be a legit contender. They aren’t there yet, that’s a fact.

  8. chucky Says:

    Sorry I missed that Ernie. But on second thought, if I did include everything about that fucking idiot, I’d be accused of writing a damn science fiction novel.

    And good call on tonights game. I wish you were wrong, but you were right.

  9. genrebuster Says:

    “What I would like to know is what do the Nationals know that the 2002 Giants and the 2003 Cubs don’t? Had his teams up 3-2 in both, and he blew it both times!”

    …I wonder what the TCI would have to say (in response)? HA HA HA HA HA HA

  10. Deja vu, all over again. | Fire Ryan Pace - Fire John Fox Says:

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