Hmm: Bears 17 Lions 14


*Before I get to the recap, I want to send out a thanks to Carl and Dan from Fire Ron Turner for providing me with some delicious food in the South Lot and a fun time overall. Our friend Carl left for a new job in Portland and flew back to Chicago for this game. Those are two of the really good guys and go visit their website.*

Today, it was a complete team effort. This isn’t me being a pessimist, but we all know that there is usually one game a year where the Bears actually play four full quarters of quality football. Today was that was game of the year.

Connor Barf: For the love of God, will this guy just go away? The purpose of cutting Robbie Gould was to find someone BETTER than him. Connor Barf can go eat a bag of dicks. He completely pissed all over a drive in the first half by missing a field goal with virtually, no wind blowing at all. It was so bad, people around me were chanting, “Robbie. Robbie”. You know the kicker sucks when fans are chanting for the shitty kicker before him to return.

Brian Hoyer: Hey, I give credit where credit is due. One fan next to me told me he said the same shit about Hoyer in the preseason as I did. Two games in a row, he’s been average to above average. He’s spread the ball around. He doesn’t hold onto the ball too long and he made sure the offense was balanced. This is what a quarterback is supposed to do. He had over 300 yards passing and was very accurate in his passes. I was shocked, but happy. The line protected him, too. If I am the idiot head coach, I stay with Hoyer until he plays like shit. The season is already lost, so keep going with this guy to see what he can do in the long run.

Jordan Howard: The rookie seems to be doing just fine starting in place of Jeremy Langford. He had 111 rushing yards on 23 carries. In addition, 3 catches on 21 yards. He was a big part of the game. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Keep this guy starting with Joique Bell backing him up.

Eddie Royal: There was one amazing pass from Hoyer right to Royal for a big first down, I believe, in the second half. Eddie Royal was another major contributor to this win with 111 yards. Kevin White also had a pretty good game, but ended up getting hurt. Let’s pray it’s nothing serious.

Defense: If someone can tell me the last time a Bears defense didn’t give up a touchdown in a game, please let me know. I can be certain that it’s been quite a few years. The Bears stuffed the Lions at the goal line in the 3rd quarter that resulted in a field goal instead. Of course, the Lions receivers ran wrong routes that resulted in two interceptions at crucial times helped tremendously. But it’s still a big game for them. Those interceptions were courtesy of second-year guy Jacoby Glenn and rookie Deiondre’ Hall.

Special teams: See Connor Barf; Also, fuck the special teams on that punt return touchdown at the two-minute warning in the 4th. The Bears didn’t give up a touchdown until that. Thankfully, the Lions still sucked on the onside-kick. That’s the only blemish on this day.

The Bears take their 1-3 record three hours south to face the Colts next Sunday.

One Response to “Hmm: Bears 17 Lions 14”

  1. Nemo Says:

    This was not an insignificant win-Lions had beaten Bears six straight.
    Hard to give a guy shit for a close miss on a 50 yard FG-those are never automatic. Not a Barth fan by any stretch, but worth noting that Robbie Gould is still unemployed a month into the season, so it’s not like anyone else is enamored with him.

    QB was solid, with a 120 or so rating and a completion rate Cutler never approaches. Certainly he doesn’t seem to make spectacular individual plays but he didn’t make any spectacular fuck-ups either as Cutler is wont to do.

    Jordon Howard was really good and let’s hope he’s a find here and not a fluke.

    I agree this season is probably lost, but let’s hope the improvement we saw today continues.


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