Another one bites the “bust” – Kevin White out for the season


Well, that’s just fucking great. First Kyle Fuller and now, Kevin White is out for the season with a broken leg. Are we keeping track? This is just another name on the long lists of first-round busts that the Bears have had throughout the last two decades.

I get it. It’s a freak injury. White was playing well the last two games. I was excited to see him play. But, this is just enough. Only one player that I can think of that has been an actual success and that’s Kyle Long and he’s going to need surgery soon for his torn labrum.

It’s the new NFL with all of these injuries all over the place. But is this something the Bears do more than other teams by drafting busts nearly every year in the first round? This is getting annoying.

Can the Chicago Bears please, find a front office that can be competent and find players that can contribute for the next decade? Is it that fucking hard? Why do teams draft franchise players after the Bears in various rounds? Why do the Bears continuously pass on guys that are supposed to go before them?

If someone can answer all of this, please let me know.

3 Responses to “Another one bites the “bust” – Kevin White out for the season”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Hey, fellas.

    I can’t speak for everybody who contributes to this site, but between here and Fire Ron Turner, only one comment on the Lions game.

    Start Kyle Orton is still standing, but it has been just over a year since anyone posted a blog entry. Chi City Sports Fan’s owner, Louie, hasn’t posted in over eighteen months.

    Just speaking for myself, I’ve lost the taste for the NFL overall, and the Bears in general.

    Goodell is not only here to stay, but he is going to go ahead with plans for an expanded regular season, expanded playoffs, and eventually teams in Canada and Europe, with games in Asia to follow. I saw an article last week in Sports Illustrated where he is talking about trying to breach the market in China. That means if the stadia in the US start getting less full and us Dan Yankees aren’t watching the game or buying the merch, there are plenty of suckers overseas to take up the slack.

    The Bears and the Lions are both owned by 90 plus year old women who have contributed nothing to the sport of football but wasted money. Neither team will be Super Bowl teams for years. For some reason, the NFL wants more women in positions of authority. WHY?

    The two old ladies owning the Bears and the Lions are among the least worst of the thirty-two dirtbags who own NFL teams. Only one owner in eight is interested/capable of bringing a Super Bowl to their city.

    Colin Kapernick went from two SBs in three years to being benched behind Blaine Gabbert because he believed in his own hype and stopped trying to get better (unlike Russell Wilson, his rival in Seattle). Jim Tomsula (one year head coach and whipping boy for the 49ers) benched him last season, and he hasn’t inspired the confidence of Chip Kelly to get his starting job back. The night before his stunt with the National Anthem, Kapernick was 7~10 days from being shitcanned from the 49ers, with no guarantee of hitching onto another NFL team. Now his social justice warfare stance makes him the most popular back up QB ever.

    The NFL players are built like Tarzan but play like Jane (the Bears aren’t the only MASH unit in the NFL, trust me). They’re less skilled and trained then ever before (thanks, collective bargaining agreement). And, being the products of modern college education, they are some of the stupidest, most ignorant SOBs walking the Earth.

    The NFL fanbase has been overrun by the SJWs. Take Deadpan. I used to enjoy their articles on being snarky about sports and the occasional article that called out the BS that goes on in the world of sports. In the last month, one out of every four articles has been bitching about Donald Trump. Look, folks…I know you’re trying to pick up Gawker’s slack ever since the Hulk Hogan sex tape lawsuit got you busted and bought out by Univision, but all these politics being infused into sports are turning the fans off (see: recent NFL ratings).

    National Anthem protests: I know a fellow black man in my office at work. BIG Redskins fan. Has a great big picture of a Redskins helmet in his office. I know two other black Redskins fans. They’re okay with the logo and the nickname. They’re not oppressed because they obey the law. Neither am I.

    //off soapbox with apologies…

    My office isn’t running a fantasy football league this year. No one wants to spend an hour per day trying to chase down RBs/WRs/TEs who aren’t hurting, headcases (looking at you, Odell Beckham, jr.), or having hot and cold flashes in performance. I’ve had SB winning QBs on my roster two years running and still finished 9th out of ten. Fuck this shit.

    To summarize: the Bears are shit and have no path toward success in the future, the players are undependable, there’s too much bullshit politics in the sport, and there’s too much bullshit going on for the true fans to give a shit about the NFL anymore.

    The Illini? The University of Illinois’ First Black Head Coach tok his team to Nebraska last weekend. Guess what? The offense disappeared in the second half, the defense couldn’t get off the field (and committed two stupid drive-extending third down penalties), and just ran out of gas in the fourth quarter (NEB 21-0 in the period).

    Same old Illini.

    My beloved (???) Fire and Passion? Last place in major league soccer for the third year running.

    Ummm…Go, Cubs, Go!!!

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    I will try to cover as much as I can with what you said because you bring up some good points.

    1. As far as the comments go, traffic has been down across the board. It’s just the way it is when the Bears have continued to suck. It’s like many others are just so damn exhausted, they don’t want to waste what little energy they have on this inept franchise. All of our websites use to get tons of hits consistently. Now, we only get it when big news happens (or even if the Bears somehow, go on a winning streak). Many folks are still reading us (especially after losses), but you can’t blame them for not having the energy.

    2. We were all at the game on Sunday and once again, the idiot Bears fans continued to shout “Green Bay sucks” or “Detroit sucks” through the tunnel up to the field, as they do every game. I told one Lions fan that both of our teams suck and will continue to suck because of who runs them. Both teams are 1-3 right now. The Packers, even though they may be having a down year, are still ahead by a mile on the Bears.

    4. Goodell is a piece of shit and will always be one. He is a greedy fucking scumbag who has sucked the fun out of the game. He says the safety of the players is a top priority and, once again, that is not even close to the truth. Thursday Night Football games, games in other countries and numerous rule changes (extra point being pushed back, for example) is not making the players safer.

    5. I was watching the Illini game at work on Saturday. I was fooling myself thinking that they were actually going to pull it out when they were leading 16-10 after three quarters. Well, a team coached by Lovie Smith decided to play like a team coached by Lovie Smith. Three Cornhusker touchdowns later, I was indeed, fooled. I know that college is different and it will take time for recruiting. But damn. They are terrible.

  3. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Dvx, I don’t blame your office for not wanting to play fantasy football. My relative got me into doing his fantasy football league. I guess he put down $1,000 or something crazy and it’s a winner-take-all with 10 contestants. He doesn’t watch much football and he ended up having me do it. Keep in mind that I’ve basically never played fantasy football (and hadn’t played fantasy baseball…which is better…in years).

    These were the first six picks of the snake draft.

    1 – Adrian Peterson (on IR as of Week 2).
    2 – Lamar Miller (…still alive).
    3 – Sammy Watkins (should’ve been on IR to begin season. Now is).
    4 – Greg Olsen (Interesting note: the guy I was targeting was selected right before my pick: WR Keenan Allen, who was placed on IR after Week 1).
    5 – Jeremy Maclin (Pretty sure he had a concussion but didn’t miss time).
    6 – Danny Woodhead (again…tore ACL in Week 2, on IR).

    As the team stands, our kicker…yes, the fucking kicker…is injured (Dan Bailey). I literally just signed Eddie Royal the other day because this team’s WR depth is decimated…and guess who’s on the injury report as of yesterday? Yup…Royal.

    Season-long fantasy football is brutal.


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