Jameis Winston is a pile of human feces: Buccaneers 36 Bears 10 (In the fourth quarter)


Let it be known: Jameis Winston got away with sexually-assaulting a woman when he was at Florida State. This guy should be in prison right now. And no, this really doesn’t have anything to do with what happened in today’s game. I just wanted it to be clear. Fuck this human.

Now, onto the game: Fuck the Bears. I am tired of seeing Jay Cutler. Just enough. When someone throws an interception for a touchdown to Chris fucking Conte, you don’t belong on my favorite football team. This franchise is ran by the worst football people ever. This is truly PATHETIC.

Jordan Howard was the only one worth a damn today and even he fumbled the ball.

The countdown continues to what are praying to be final stand of Ryan Pace and John Fox. I’d throw Ted Phllips in that pile of garbage as well, but we all know he could give everyone chlamydia and still hold his job. Fuck this guy with a rusty fence post.

27 Responses to “Jameis Winston is a pile of human feces: Buccaneers 36 Bears 10 (In the fourth quarter)”

  1. Cbears523 Says:

    Hey I liked how Leonard floyd looks. I have been wrong about him. He actually looks like he’s getting some pass rushing moves

  2. chucky Says:

    Goddamn, Dan Hampton is PISSED!!!! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Fro. I’ve missed Ed O’Bradovich.

    By the way:

    Fuck the Bears.

    Fuck John Fox

    Fuck Ryan Pace

    Fuck Ted Phillips


  3. dvxprime Says:

    Short-term: If John Fox says “We weren’t prepared for this game” during the post-game presser, Pace and/or George Mc Caskey have enough justification to fire him right then and there. No way do you come out of a bye week and have your QB cough up four turnovers en-route to a twenty-something point loss.

    Long-term: Nothing’s going to change until the McCaskeys sell the Bears to an owner who actually gives a damn about making the Bears a Super Bowl contender.

  4. dvxprime Says:

    From the Rosenblog:

  5. dvxprime Says:

    Eight years. Holy shit, Cutler’s been here eight years. It’s like having Ryan Leaf on a valium addiction, with 50% less fucks to give about anything. Hell, Todd Marinovich and Tim Tebow got more out of football than Cutler did.


  6. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Is it just me…because I’ve never seen a season where we’re through 10 weeks and there are literally only two, maybe three above-average teams. Oakland is 7-2 but they have no defense and an inconsistent ground game. Dallas is largely a product of how much everyone else sucks. New England is New England. They could play Edelman at quarterback and they’d probably still have five wins, heh.

    Just feels as if there is a lot of bad football.

  7. Fro Dog Says:

    Chucky, I was listening to Hampton and O.B. as well. It was great radio. That show today was FIRE AND PASSION.

    Pie, first, I was wondering if you had actually gone to see your Packers against the Titans in your backyard today. I only saw some highlights, but the defense for the Packers was very “Bear-ish”.

    And it’s not just you. I’ve written on here quite a few times about the quality of the game and how it’s diminished over the years. Goodell is the absolute worst. He’s ruined the game and the owners have followed suit. Greed always wins no matter how shitty the product is.

  8. Pie in the Sky Says:

    I was at work. I could’ve gotten off work but I preferred getting the paycheck. Looks like I made the right choice. Not a fan of going to live NFL games anyway.

    Dom Capers has been putting out those defensive duds for the last six seasons. “Capers-ish” can be every bit as awful as “Bear-ish.” Offense has a ridiculous pass-run ratio. Mike McCarthy never learns that when he’s a more-balanced play-caller, then Rodgers is a better quarterback.

    I’ve seen your posts on quality. They’re true, especially about the Thursday Night football games. Those are atrocious.

  9. genrebuster Says:

    Fro, I did not see the game, but I completely approve of your assessment. As well as chucky’s addendum.


    That is all.

  10. Fro Dog Says:

    I forgot to add what CBears523 said about Leonard Floyd. He actually did pretty well today, given the circumstances. The defense was awful and had many more opportunities to sack (and hurt) that piece of shit Winston. Instead, the let the idiot roam and air it out for huge passes. If Floyd can pack on some pounds, then he has the potential to be a damn good linebacker/defensive end.

    Genre, it was bad. I’ll say it again: Cutler threw a pick six to one of the shittiest Chicago Bears players of all time, Chris Conte. This is the same Chris Conte who wandered off on that glorious 4th down play against the Packers three years ago with the division on the line in the final game of the regular season. I hate to make some of you think about that, but it came back to light today. I imagined Randall Cobb by himself waiting for the ball to fall into his arms and run for the touchdown.

    And for anyone else who cares, Lovie Smith’s Illini are 3-7 after getting their asses kicked 48-3 on Saturday against the Badgers.

  11. genrebuster Says:

    Lovie Baker rides again!

  12. Fro Dog Says:


    And back to the Bears, Alshon Jeffery has been suspended four games for violating the performance-enhancing policy.

    Before this season, I said the Bears should give this guy a blank check and let him fill in the numbers. I may be wrong on that one.

  13. chucky Says:

    That stupid motherfucker. Unload his sorry ass at the end of he year.

    Fucking shitstain.

  14. dvxprime Says:

    At this point, does anybody here see anyone on this roster that would be salvageable for the foreseeable future? Do the bears really have anyone they can build around on offense or defense?

  15. Fro Dog Says:

    Yes. The list is short, but it’s a start.

    1. Jordan Howard – running back
    2. Leonard Floyd – linebacker
    3. Cameron Meredith – wide receiver (he’s better off as a second or third receiver)
    4. Pat O’Donnell – punter (damn, this team sucks)

  16. Cbears523 Says:

    Maybe since alshon is suspended Braverman will get his chance to shine. Also I say put in all the rookies. Fuck at this point it’s mission abort on the season. Here’s to the browns winning streak.

  17. erniesarmy Says:

    I am so glad to hear that the Packers are actually contemplating firing McCarthy and, perhaps, Ted Thompson. I’m for it. I never liked the McCarthy hiring from the get-go, even though they won a Super Bowl. This team is flat as a pancake. They need a new direction. I would love for them to take a serious look at Tom Coughlin.

  18. Fro Dog Says:

    I want to see Barkley at quarterback and Braverman at wide receiver for the remainder of the season. This season is shot and you might as well see what you have with both of these guys playing full-time. The game against the Packers wasn’t fair to Barkley in my opinion. I am sure he sucks, but it can’t get any worst.

    Coughlin seems to be one of the leading candidates for a job next year. I don’t know if, at 70, he would have the desire to return to coaching.

  19. Cbears523 Says:

    No way will coughlin come out of retirement to coach the bears. What established coach would want to deal with this dumpster fire? Too bad shaw is out. I’d love to see him play more. Maybe Marques Wilson will catch on too. I wonder if alshon is gunna be gone after this year

  20. Fro Dog Says:

    I already forgot about Connor Shaw. He was the only quarterback in the preseason who looked like a quarterback. I am sure he would come back for cheap next year. I was just afraid he caught the “Caleb Hanie Syndrome” in the preseason which would mean, he would suck ass in the regular season. Let’s pray he’s back next season.

  21. Cbears523 Says:

    I am sure he will be back next year. He is the only young qb on the roster who I still have hope they can develop. Hopefully he doesn’t get Caleb hanie syndrome. I remember I was excited by his potential because you never know when you will strike gold.

  22. dvxprime Says:

    *sigh* here we go…

    Provided that he is not among the half of the nation that is still pissing/shitting their adult diapers over the election, what the fuck is going through George McCaskey’s mind right now?

    His team president has been in the job for over twenty years and STILL doesn’t know shit about football.

    His rookie GM has blown two drafts, signed worthless free agents, and has assembled one of the three worst rosters in the NFL.

    Georgie-boy is about to fire his third head coach in the last five years, unless John Fox can put together a starting lineup that can knock out seven straight wins to close the season.

    That isn’t going to happen because John Fox at 61 and his third head coaching job, looks like an absolute FRAUD.

    His quarterback, halfway through his eighth year with the Bears (11th season overall) is virtually beyond repair.

    An already thin WR corps just lost its start wideout for half of what is left of the season.

    The rest of the roster: Built like Tarzan, plays like Jane. Can’t stay healthy, not enough talent to compete.

    Georeg McCaskey needs to step away from his mother, step away from Ted Phillips, and take an honest look at his organization and this franchise. he needs to purge the dead weight (starting with Teddy-boy) and find people who are actually capable of working/running an NFL team. he needs to start screening coaches, trainers, medical staff, analytics…anything to make this a modern, competitive franchise.

    But that would mean that George is actually thinking about WTF is wrong with this team and this franchise. If he’s just going over the balance sheets with Ted, and Ted’s saying “We’re in the black; everything is okay,” and George is saying “OK,” then we can forget this team ever moving forward…forever.

  23. Jimmy D Says:

    Well, guys…I’m BAAAAACCCCKKKK!!!!

    How ’bout those fucking World Series Champion CHICAGO CUBS!!! God Damn, I still can’t believe that it’s real.
    I sent Genre an offline email early on during the World Series. I was too superstitious to post here…so, I just kinda stayed away.

    I had the good fortune of being able to head down to Wrigley on the Saturday (October 29th) for Game 4. The game sucked, but it was a glorious day. DVX, I can’t fucking believe you missed the end of Game 7…it was an instant classic. Although, I’ve gotta admit that I figured we were gonna shit the bed after Davis took Chappie yard in the eighth inning; just felt like “same ole, same ole”.

    As I explained to Genre, I live a little over 3 hours north of Chicago and can’t just get down there at the drop of a hat. BUT, many of us have forever talked about getting together to have a few and to “shoot the shit”. Well, I’m gonna be down in that area on Thursday, December 1st and Friday, December 2nd. Should head home on the 2nd, but might consider hanging around if there was a chance of some of the guys getting together. Thoughts?

    Jimmy D.

    P.S. Mac…WTF is wrong with you? Engaged??? I don’t care if she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose…dude, I can’t believe you’re headin’ down that path again!

  24. Fro Dog Says:


    Hey, I may be able to meet up with you next weekend. You should drag Mac down here, too. I still have his number, but he mentioned his knee was messed up.

  25. chucky Says:

    Guess what men…..we’re fucking doomed.


    The OLD BITCH has spoken. Now, I hope you rot in hell you miserable OLD BITCH!!!!!!!

  26. Fro Dog Says:

    We’ve witnessed what happens in this city over the last decade when things change after long-time owners of teams take a dirt nap. Unless George is the Rocky Wirtz of the Bears (spoiler: he’s not), nothing is going to change.

    And I still can’t figure out why Ted Phillips is still around. Even Mike Florio asked Mully and Hanley on The Score Monday morning about it. He doesn’t understand why Phillips hasn’t been shitcanned yet.

  27. genrebuster Says:

    …wish I could make it to Chicago Dec 1-2….(not possible). Damn.


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