Mike Trout to the Cubs? What do you think?


MLB Rumors: Cubs acquiring Mike Trout from the Angles for Kyle Schwarber, Javier Baez?

According to Ted Berg of USA Today, the Cubs could and should pull off a trade for Mike Trout this winter. He pointed out that Chicago has the assets to make it happen while also retaining potency on their lineup.

“The Cubs, for their incredible depth, can somehow put together an incredible package of potential superstars, capable big leaguers, and prospects without tearing apart the bulk of the lineup that just won 103 games and the World Series,” Berg opined.

Berg also suggested a possible Cubs trade package for Trout that include seven players from the major and minor leagues. These players are Kyle Schwarber, Javier Baez, Albert Almora, Miguel Montero, Jeimer Candelario, Mark Zagunis and Ian Happ.

8 Responses to “Mike Trout to the Cubs? What do you think?”

  1. genrebuster Says:

    I think the trade Berg suggested is nuts.

  2. chucky Says:

    Damn, crack is one hell of a drug. I think that idiot has had his share.

  3. Dave Says:

    Baez has one of the greatest caught stealing tags in the history of the game. That devastating sweep, who the hell taught him that? Losing him would lower our defensive runs saved substantially. And just watch, Schwarber will become a good outfielder or catcher next year, his work ethic is incredible. I mean come on, there were days when an injury like his would force NFL players into early retirement, but he comes back and helps win the World Series in 6 months. Yeah he had a good surgeon, and the Cubs medical and training staff are great. But that work ethic made the biggest impact. And besides, who said we need a post-title fire sale? Let Trout go, and fish (pun intended) from a pond where less costly bait can be used.

  4. genrebuster Says:

    I completely agree with you guys. Berg and the guy who wrote the blog should apply for a job with the Washington Nationals… 😉

  5. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Uh….no. And the writer admits it is pure fantasy. So it’s not an actual rumor… it’s just some stupid writer/fan musing over bullshit that he came up either doing crack or playing general manager in his video game.

    I swear to god the media is just getting dumb and dumber by the day.

  6. Cbears523 Says:

    Why sell the farm for just one player? Doesn’t make sense to me. This isnt basketball where a lebron can take you to the finals by himself.

  7. erniesarmy Says:


  8. E=mc2 Says:

    Gentlemen and Ladies, good evening to you all.

    I’ve been sequestered in the laboratories researching a number of theories…during this time, I’ve paid no attention to current events and news.

    I must say, the Chicago Cubs professional baseball team has certainly exceeded my expectations for the 2016 season. I understand that a World Series Championship is quite an achievement, so I must offer my sincere congratulations to the team, as well as to their loyal fans. I expect that most of you are overjoyed, and rightfully so.

    Earlier this evening, I came across the USA Today article referenced above…after careful consideration of all available data I must say that the opinion put forth by Mr. Berg regarding a trade for Mr. Trout makes absolutely zero sense. Clearly, Mr. Berg did NOT examine all the data and factors.

    Coffee break is over, I must now return to the laboratory.

    Fondly, Albert

    p.s. It did not require much time and effort for me to arrive at my conclusion. Clearly, Mr. Berg is no “Einstein”…I should know.


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