Dick Stockton returns from dirt nap to piss me off the last two weeks in a row: Vikings 519 Bears 10



Oh, Fox Sports. I fucking hate you all. I also hate NBC and Turner, but that’s already been discussed as well. I was going to write about this last week, but wanted to let it go. I want Dick Stockton to go away. I said many years ago that he was the original Kiss of Death to Chicago Sports. Kenny Albert gladly followed suit. Dick Stockton was the shithead I had to hear during every game of the Cubs’ 2007 and 2008 playoff runs. The results of all of those games? Losses. Hearing him made it even worse. Last week, I was shocked he was even calling the game. I expected the new Kiss of Death in Albert or even the amazing Thom Breneman (sarcasm).

But if the Bears were actually, I don’t know, a football team, maybe we would always have ones like Joe Buck or Kevin Burkhardt. I know, a lot of people hate Buck. But at least he isn’t Dick Stockton or Kenny Albert. Fuck those two.

Now, onto what I really wanted to talk about:

This week, I about had it. The Bears played even WORSE than they did last year. This was just fucking awful. Even Marc Trestman has had more wins than John Fox in the two years both have coached. What a shame.

The only good thing about this year was Jordan Howard. The Bears somehow, found someone that they could help build an offense around (need a quarterback too, obviously). He set the all-time rookie rushing record in franchise history. I know that doesn’t mean shit in the grand scheme of things, but it’s something that we could maybe look forward to next season. He is really good.

We will see what happens with Pace and Fox in the coming days. But, this whole thing just fucking smells. I know we said the same shit years ago with Angelo, Lovie, Emery and Trestman. But, damn. I don’t think shit is going to change unless the McCaskey’s sell this abysmal franchise. They need to sell it to someone who knows how to run a football team. What they are doing now isn’t working. I mean, Ted Phillips has been with the team for 30 fucking years and is a damn accountant. What he is doing as the president of a professional football team? Fuck this.

Since the McCaskey’s are never going to sell this team, no great general manager is just going to fall into their laps in anytime soon. This team is fucked for a very long time.

4 Responses to “Dick Stockton returns from dirt nap to piss me off the last two weeks in a row: Vikings 519 Bears 10”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    You all remember when Alshon Jeffery was suspended for violating the substance policy in the NFL? I think he’s on some stuff again:


  2. genrebuster Says:

    Fro, What do you think of this Arkush piece?


  3. Fro Dog Says:

    Hey, Arkush is spot-on most of the time. He was in the press conference the other day. John Fox jumped around his questions about clock management. And while Fox continued to say injuries weren’t an excuse, he kept bringing them up like they were.

    The Bears should have won three or four more games at the least. Now, I am aware that results in a 7-9 record at-best, but damn. Fox really sucks. In regards to Pace, he’s drafted complete busts so far with the exception of Jordan Howard.

    And the man in charge, George McCaskey, says they aren’t selling the team and everyone will remain in their positions with the front office.


    By the way, Ted Phillips (a man who was hired as an accountant), is still the president of the team. A guy who probably didn’t know what a football was before he was hired 30 years ago, is the president of a professional football team. That’s like someone being a janitor at a school and sometime later, becomes appointed as a teacher. Fuck.

  4. erniesarmy Says:

    “And the man in charge, George McCaskey, says they aren’t selling the team and everyone will remain in their positions with the front office.” And that sounds like the Cubs cf. 2004 – 2009, or before fan boy caught a clue and hired Epstein.

    I imagine you’re excited about the Blackhawks this year. They’re young, exciting, and playing great hockey. My Ducks are hanging around pretty well too. Hockey looks good for both of us, Fro.

    Have a Happy New Year!


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