Greg Gumbel can live another 300 years and won’t look any differently than he does now.


Over the weekend, I was watching a lot of the NCAA Tournament games and noticed Greg Gumbel once again, being in the studio. I’ve watched this guy since I can even remember. He’s awesome at his job. I think he’s much more likable than his brother, the insane Bryant. He’s a Chicago native as well.

As I was watching some of the games on Friday, I was asking telling myself: “How old is this dude? He looks the exact same since I was a kid.”

The guy is 70 and looks a minimum of 20 years younger. I don’t know if it’s plastic surgery (a lot of people in TV do this), a ton of make-up or if this dude is just a genetic freak. Regardless, I want to look like if I am 70. It’s just insane.

Gumbel is the man, though. Seeing him on TV makes me appreciate sportscasters who aren’t arrogant shit stains. It’s nostalgic to see him on there. Not many from my childhood are still around and it appears the newer ones are terrible.

We should appreciate people like Greg Gumbel in sports. Folks like him, Mike Emrick and Marv Albert (yeah, he bit a hooker’s ass, but he’s not a shithead like his son) don’t grow on trees. He’s great at his job whether it’s college basketball or calling NFL games. It’s sad we don’t have more great sportscasters than some of the ones I’ve mentioned.

Cheers, Greg. Looking good, my frendt.

One Response to “Greg Gumbel can live another 300 years and won’t look any differently than he does now.”

  1. Pie in the Sky Says:

    All three of those announcers are great. I always liked Pat Summerall. The newer ones make the game more about themselves than the game itself. I hate listening to Gus Johnson or any announcer who starts screaming as if a big play is about to unfold…ends up as a gain of four yards. Just call the game and don’t be so dramatic all the time. I also dislike announcers who can’t get player names right and make the same mistakes on every future broadcast (e.g. I think it was Solomon Wilcotts who used to do this when he did Titans games a few years ago. Always called Bernard Pollard ‘Marcus Pollard.’).


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