Exhausted: Packers 35 Bears 7 – Early in the 4th quarter


It’s late. The game was delayed about 45 minutes. The defense is just hard to watch. In fact, this entire team is tough to tolerate.

Mike Glennon: Fuck this guy. He’s been responsible for four turnovers and it’s only the end of the 3rd quarter. I’ve seen enough. I am sure all of you have as well.

Connor Barth: Can someone please explain how this idiot keeps his job? This guy could bang John Fox’s old lady and still be employed by this team. He needs to be given a swirly in a high school locker room for his putrid kicking. What a way to kill any momentum this team may have had.

Defense: TURN. AROUND. WHEN. THE. BALL. IS. THROWN. TO. A. WIDE. RECEIVER. Also, nice going by Danny Trevathan for that helmet hit when the receiver was already stopped. That lead to a touchdown rather than a field goal.

Bears vs. Vikings on Monday Night Football October 9th. Who smells 1-4?

4 Responses to “Exhausted: Packers 35 Bears 7 – Early in the 4th quarter”

  1. Rob San Says:

    Mike Glennon – the best QB the OTHER team ever had!

    John Fox – shuffleboard starts at 10 AM sharp, John

    Vic Fangio – you realize that when you routinely drop seven into coverage, you are only rushing four? You can’t win that way in this league. The Nickle and Dime are change-up packages – they work because the QB does not have time to adjust to them over an entire game. You get sacks and turnovers by being aggressive and rushing five or six guys at least as often as you drop more men into pass defense. We can’t win being passive all game.

  2. Dave Says:

    It was bad, I almost wished the Cubs game continued deeper into extra innings, though I will admit it was fun to watch the Cards lose to our AAA players.

    As far as the Bears go, its Trubisky time.

  3. Jimmy D Says:

    Hey Guys,

    I’ll apologize up front on this one.
    I don’t usually “get in the mud” on this site when it involves the Packers and Bears games, but I have to on this one. That bush league, head hunting hit by Danny Trevathan should get his punk ass suspended (at a minimum!).
    There have been countless helmet to helmet hits over the years (it is Professional Football, after all), but this is about the most blatant “cheap shot” that I can ever remember.
    It shouldn’t be tolerated…period!!! He could have ended Adams’ career, or life, with that hit; on a play that was clearly over.

    Frustrated, or not, this can’t be tolerated. Big hits…blowing someone up with a legal hit…is all part of the game. But, that fucking hit should carry BIG consequences.

    As I was watching the play in real time, I’m thinking “where the fuck is the flag”, and then about 4 seconds later the ref comes in an pulls the yellow hanky outta his pocket (I think because he assumed that Adams was deceased).


  4. genrebuster Says:

    Jimmy D. I agree…it was a total fucking bush league play.

    The Bears are truly PATHETIC.


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