The best team in the NL is going to the 2017 World Series.


It doesn’t always happen…but no surprise here. NOTHING was easy for the 2017 Chicago Cubs, they never clicked, (as discussed here, )

The Cubs were fortunate to win the division and make the playoffs. It was obvious to anybody who knows baseball that the pitching was suspect. Hitting was all or nothing at all, much of the season.

There will be some big changes next year. I hope they can shore up the bullpen, and IF he returns (unlikely?) get Wade Davis some help, before his arm falls off…ha ha ha ha.

Now that they have won a World Series, it sure feels different (as Fro and I “discussed” recently via text). I’ve enjoyed the success they’ve had these past 3 seasons, and hope they can make it to the post-season a 4th year in a row.

You KNOW that Theo wants another WS ring with the Cubs…………………….

As Dave posted in the previous thread: “Good season for the Cubs. I can’t complain too much, its been a nice 3 years. Just have to fill in the holes like we did after the 2015 season.”

All the Best, my FRENDTS!

15 Responses to “The best team in the NL is going to the 2017 World Series.”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Silver lining for your weekend y’all: the Toothpick Chomper is out at DC:

  2. Dave Says:

    “Wait til next year, ” just doesn’t hurt as much this time around. About a 1/10 on the emotional pain scale haha. The Cubs are just a “normal” good baseball team now. I mean come on, “not clicking” still gave them 92 wins.

  3. chucky Says:

    You beat me to it dvx, but I found this extra tidbit for you all to chew on for a while.

    I can’t believe this fucking dipshit. I found it hard to understand the Nats hiring your sorry, excuse filled ass in the first place. Now go home and stay there you stupid, ugly bastard, and don’t come back!

  4. genrebuster Says:

  5. genrebuster Says:

  6. genrebuster Says:

    Uh oh!!!!

    With Yankee rookie Aaron Judge’s sixth inning strikeout against the Astros Justin Verlander, Judge has tied a major league record for the most Ks in one postseason. His 26 strikeouts are the same as Alfonso Soriano had in 2003.– Andrew Marchand, ESPN Senior Writer

  7. Nemo Says:

    So, yeah, I’m not devastated here, but very disappointed with such a lousy effort-especially the Brizzo problems-AGAIN. Although Baez largely sucked offensively, he is the main reason the Cubs weren’t swept for the 2nd time in 3 years-plus, his defense his amazing.

    I thought the Cubs could still win again until they fell down 3-0 to the Dodgers. Even in the game they won, it was obvious their bats were never going to break out. Starting pitching, which had been great thru first 4 games of Wash series, was mediocre after that.

    Sure, winning 2 championships in a row is hard-but it’s been done. A second championship in a row would have been such a big deal. We don’t want 2016 to be thought of as a fluke. Also, I wanted to one-up the White Sox. Think about it, if the Cubs don’t do anything for 5-10 years, Sox fans will be like “yeah, but we broke our drought 10 years before you”. Doesn’t mean much to us after we just won, but it will be annoying over time if this is a one and done.

    Then there is the Cardinals.

    It’s 2-3 to 1 Cardinal fans here. You would think with the Cubs historical suck, that Cardinal fans wouldn’t worry to much about the Cubs-but you’d be wrong. They waste no opportunity to razz Cubs fans even though until 2015, we had never really done a damn thing for them to be mad at.

    Now, the past 3 years have been pretty good to be a Cub fan here. The NLDS win against them was huge. The Cubs have played the Cardinals only once in the playoffs and the Cubs WON. Obviously, 2016 was amazing, and clinching the division title in St. Louis this season was tremendous.

    There is a problem though, the Cardinals have won 11 WS to the Cubs 3. If the Cubs EVER catch up to that, I might not be alive. However, if the Cubs could have won the WS this year, they would have a one up on the Cardinals-winning 2 WS in a row, which is something the Cardinals have NEVER done. Already the Cardinal fans are wearing their gear more in anticipation that the reign of the Cubs is over-ready to dismiss 2016 as a fluke. Except, that it’s not a draw like it is in Sox vs Cubs arguments-it’s an overwhelming Cardinals win. Winning the series back-to-back would have helped so much in that vein. Not to mention, probably getting some Cardinal fans to switch sides and make things a little more even down here.

    We still have the current edge on them, but the Cubs must continue to maintain this over the Cardinals. I don’t want to be ashamed to be a Cub fan again here in 5-10 years. I don’t want my only argument to be “Oh, we were good for a couple of years”. So, I hope the Cubs can figure out how to improve, keep making the playoffs and not choke offensively so often and gives us some more to be proud of like the Blackhawks have.

  8. dvxprime Says:

    Waaay late to the party, but here are my two pennies:

    1) Holy Lord do the Cubs need more plate discipline. Seven homers in the NLCS, but six of them with nobody on base. Chicks may still dig the long ball, but the team with the most runs still wins.

    2) If the Cubs ever want to maintain long term success, they need to overhaul the bullpen.

    3) Jake Arrieta and Kyle Hendricks were the only two starters to go more than 6 innings this postseason. That’s not gonna cut it anymore. The Cubs need starters who can pitch deep into games so Joe Maddon won’t burn out the relievers like he did this year.

    4) Speaking of the bullpen, isn’t it ironic that our favorite whipping boy PEDRO F’N STROP didn’t give up any runs in the postseason?

  9. Jimmy D Says:

    dvxprime…well, the first step in “overhauling the bullpen” began with the firing of Chris Bosio today.
    I know that the baseball world loves this guy, but I’m not sold on ANYONE who allows his staff to issue 5+ “free passes” per game in the postseason. There’s no justification for that. Yes, I know that he’s not the one throwing the ball to the plate, but his message to his staff should be clear that walks are not allowed.
    Hector “Home Run” Rondon has faded immensely in the past 2 years. I wouldn’t let him pitch batting practice, let alone come in on relief in a game that matters!

    Jimmy D.

  10. Dave Says:

    Chris Bosio being fired is called accountability, something this team has held in high regard since Epstein and Hoyer took charge. This team will not fade and it is good for at least 1, maybe 2 more WS titles imho.

  11. erniesarmy Says:

    I thought Bosio was a pretty good pitching coach. Last year the staff had one of the best era’s of any Cubs staff in my 53 year memory.

    I’m not sold on this firing, although I appreciate what DVX and Dave wrote. I would have thought the hitting coach was more blameworthy than Bosio.

  12. erniesarmy Says:

    One final comment: I realize you don’t want to go crazy spending on free agents, but the Cubs have to find a way to sign Davis and Arrietta for next year. Those two were the best, the most consistent, pitchers they had all year. You don’t find guys like that easily. Arrietta drives me nuts sometimes, but his performance in that Dodger series was absolutely “Madison Bumgarner” clutch!

  13. erniesarmy Says:

    From a commentator on another board:

    “Maddon is absolutely overrated & listen to him closely….u will NEVER hear him say he made a mistake. We won last year despite him & lost this year cuz we couldn’t get around the GENIUS. Bosio firing is not the answer. I guess firing the hitting coach is next?? When u live off HRs & big hits, u die by them also Joe “I don’t believe in bunting & sacrifices” Maddon

    “You will never hear him say he made a mistake.” That is the number one reason I am not sold on Maddon. His stubborn refusal to take responsibility for his obvious flaws and mistakes.

    But this, “I don’t believe in bunting and sacrifices” is a new one for me. Guys, is that true? Did he really say, or imply that, in any comment you guys in Chicago are aware of? If he did it is just as bad as Dusty’s “Walks clog the bases” insanity.

    A lot of commentators are saying Epstein and Hoyer are using Bosio as a scapegoat for their own failures to deliver more bullpen arms for Maddon after 2016. 42 year old Uehara was not the answer!

  14. erniesarmy Says:


    “There were plenty of games where the GENIUS pulled starters cuz he had a “gut feeling” according to our announcers! Epstein loves Maddon, but cannot seem to see his many faults. Until we start CREATING some runs,taking more pitches & stop swinging at sh*t 2 feet off the plate (Bryant, Baez, Heyward, etc) we will not win in postseason.”

  15. genrebuster Says:

    “A lot of commentators are saying Epstein and Hoyer are using Bosio as a scapegoat for their own failures to deliver more bullpen arms for Maddon after 2016. 42 year old Uehara was not the answer!”

    I agree that Epstein and Hoyer dropped the ball.

    The walks are unacceptable- as Jimmy D. stated – it was a problem all year. Somebody has to be held accountable, the pitchers and the pitching coach are the obvious targets.

    And I agree with Dave that the Cubs under Maddon could win a 2nd WS before too much time passes.

    They must get off to a decent start next year…they were terrible up to the All-Star break. It was a fight to the final week to win the division and make the playoffs….I think it took a lot out of them. Davis seemed tired before the playoffs, but he was still mostly great.

    I wish Arrieta would be reasonable, I’d like to see him stay, along with Wade Davis.


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