The Eddie Jackson Show: Bears 17 Panthers 3


Well, it wasn’t the most exciting game in the second half. But I don’t give a damn how the Bears win. Eddie Jackson had the game of his life and combine that with the rest of the defense, sCam Newton found his face in the dirt quite a bit.

Eddie Jackson: What a game for the rookie. He scored the only touchdowns on the day and in amazing fashion. A fumble return for a touchdown as well as a pick six on a deflection.

Kyle Fuller: He deserves a ton of credit for the last two games. He came to play again today. This is his contract year and I just wonder if he were to re-sign, if this would keep up. But, he was pretty damn good today. And in these last two games, the defense has actually done exactly what I’ve been screaming for all these years: COVERING RECEIVERS.

Defensive line: These guys showed up big time as well. They sacked Newton five times. Akiem Hicks, Eddie Golman, Mitch Unrein and Leonard Floyd made sCam Newton their bitch and it was beautiful. Fuck that guy.

Play-calling on offense: 2nd and goal at the 1 and instead of doing a simple quarterback sneak or fullback dive, they to run the ball to the side. It only lead to a field goal. This has to change. Trubisky is not being put in a position to succeed. They stopped with the bootlegs and now, they aren’t giving him more protection. The offensive line is bad and that’s they need to use two tight ends for max protect if he’s going to drop back to pass. Even the running backs are getting stuffed at times (see the 2nd and goal at the 1).

As crazy as this sounds, had the Vikings lost today, the Bears would have only been one game out of first place. Insane. The Packers did lose and the Lions had a bye. Next up are the Saints (who beat the Packers today) in the Superdome.

5 Responses to “The Eddie Jackson Show: Bears 17 Panthers 3”

  1. chucky Says:

    What the fuck did I just watch? Only five first downs for the entire game, and they win by two touchdowns.

    Only the Bears can do that.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Until that last first down to get to the two-minute warning, the Bears had more sacks than their offense had first downs. It was insane. Trubisky is much better than this. The play-calling is terrible and he needs more protection. Kyle Long doesn’t look the same.

    Get this kid some help before he gets killed!

  3. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Whatever happened to coaches just giving the rock to their ball-carriers at the 1-yard-line and pound it straight up the middle (or as Fro mentioned, QB sneaks / dives)? Same shit in the NE-ATL game. They have Freeman and Coleman. Instead, they’re trying some 5WR end-around trick play to Taylor Gabriel on 4th-and-goal at the 1. Lose five yards. They’re also going for it 4th-and-long in their own territory during the first half…twice.

    Coaches need to stop overthinking everything and just let talent win out.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    The coaches are idiots. That’s the short explanation for this. I saw these types of calls numerous times when Lovie and Trestman were here. Running back gets nine yards on the first carry. 2nd and 1/2 and there’s the quarterback doing a five-step drop only to throw an incomplete pass, get sacked or turn the ball over.

    Last year’s Super Bowl is another example. When Atlanta was shitting all over themselves, I think they had a 2nd down and very short when they still had the lead late. All they had to do was continue to run the ball and get a field goal on that drive. They were taken out of field goal range, had to punt and the rest is history.

    And people say John Fox is a conservative coach. No, he’s an idiotic one. Conservative coaches run the ball in those situations by doing a quick sneak or dive. All Tom Brady does is snap the ball quickly and fall forward a half yard for the first down. He did it last night.

  5. genrebuster Says:

    sCAm Newton. HA HA HA.

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard HOW the Bears won.


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