A Perfect Ten (Years).



August 1st, 2008

That’s when this website was started. It wasn’t planned. It just happened because the original site that we all met each other at was nearing it’s end and we all needed a place to go. A place where we can just be ourselves. A place where nobody from the outside could find us and our asinine thoughts. We may have had nothing else in common with our lives other than one thing: We were pissed off at the Cubs and other teams in Chicago that sucked.

The next day after starting this site, I stood in my best friend’s wedding. He now has three kids to show for it. The very next year, our other best friend (out of the “triad” of us), decided to ruin his life by getting married as well. He has two kids.

At that time, I was living in a tiny, one-bedroom apartment and fresh out of college. I went through a few really rough patches throughout that time in life. I am now very blessed to have a great house and my dream job. In the cheesy and odd way, I grew up while this website was along for the ride.

I know I say this every year, but I always repeat it: I can’t believe it’s been this long. This time, I still mean that, but it’s much more significant. While things aren’t the same in terms of traffic like they use to be, I know there are still a few of you who like coming here. So many have come and gone with this place. Other Chicago sports’ websites started up and became deserted. But before those ones left, I ended up meeting people from other websites such as Hockeenight and Fire Ron Turner. Genrebuster and myself met up in 2016 in the city as well. It’s amazing how one common interest can bring a bunch of pissed off strangers together. In layman’s terms, it’s a miracle this place is still around. And each and every one you reading this is the reason for that.

I’d really like to give every one of you a special shout out, but I know I will forget names. I do have to thank Genrebuster, however, for helping out with the website. A man I’ve met personally, he’s as genuine as they get. I don’t enjoy speaking for others, but he does seem like the calmest out of all of us here when we are pissed off about something. That shows a lot of strength.

I am genuine in my words. I mean every single word I say in this post and every other post. All of you here are pretty awesome humans. At 32, I spent about a third of my life talking to all of you on a weekly/monthly basis. I do wish that one day, all of us get to come together for an awesome day at a pub somewhere in Chicago. I know we have discussed this numerous times, but ten years is way too damn long to just keep chatting on the internet. Let’s get something planned out while some of us are still together on this site.

For those who come here just to read the site, I really do appreciate it. I mean, I don’t know why you would come here when there are a billion other sites to read. For those who post, I thank each and every one of you very much. I express all the gratitude I can possibly give. It’s all peace and love FIRE AND PASSION, MY FRENDTS.

– Fro Dog

5 Responses to “A Perfect Ten (Years).”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Three Black Hawks titles, THE CUNS WIN THE WORLD SERIES, and the bears go back to Da Super Bowl (and get their asses kicked in the process).

    Very few bright lights in the darkness…and you couldn’t find a better place to celebrate them (and wish for a few more) than here.

    Thank YOU Fro Dog.

    Good night, Yeti, wherever you are…

  2. Jimmy D Says:

    Ahhhh, well played DVX…a “shout out” to the Yeti. How absolutely fitting that is. Man, he sure did mix it up with all of us. He certainly had a “man crush” on ole “goggle/google eyes” (Kevin Fucking Gregg). He was “serviceable”. Yeah, I used to say that about many of my old girlfriends!

    I still come here to read the various posts and occasionally drop my thoughts in a thread…but, I’m nowhere near as active as I once was. Shit, I think I’d have had a couple more heart attacks if I would have kept up the pace from back when it was LaTroy Hawkins Sucks dot com. Man, just typing that makes me laugh. How many fucking retarded “cLOSERS” did we go through back then? It was a perpetual “dumpster fire”.
    Then, good ole Dusty. OMG, what a bag of shit he was. “Walks clog the bases”??? Yeah, they sure do you moron…just as Tyler Chatwalk! AND, virtually every walk issued by bullpen guys…ends up crossing the plate.
    We survived DustyFuck, Lou Pinella (who liked to sit on his hands), Mike Quade (WTF), Dale Sveum, Ricky Renteria (WTF II), and now we are blessed to have Joe Maddon.
    Yes, Joe Maddon delivered the Holy Grail to all of us…but, OMG did he try to give the fucking Series away in 2016. He had a great season that year, but he got really stoopid during the playoffs. And…it damn near cost us the whole thing.
    Of course, he’s sitting in the dugout…making millions…while I’m busting my ass trying to eke out a pretty decent living.

    Over that time, we’ve seen people come and go. Mad City Mac hasn’t posted in quite some time. Keith left this Earth way too early. Bobby D…we never did find out what happened to him. But, if it weren’t for you Fro Dog, this thing would have ended a long time ago…10 years…to be exact.

    I’m all for setting up a “get together” in Chicago. It’d be hard to try and get everyone together, but we’d just have to pick something and get it on the calendar.
    No party would be complete with out Chucky, Genrebuster, Fro Dog, Ernie (fuck yes, you could make it from LA), DVX (a late comer, but a great addition to the site), Robert, Mac, YETI (of course), and anybody else that just wants to sit around, put back some suds, and just share memories/stories.

    Fro is coming up to go to the Packers vs. Bears game with me on 9/9/2018. He’s never been to Lambeau Field (I live about 25 minutes away), and I’ve never met Fro…BUT, I feel like I’ve known him for a good part of my life. Yep, I’m old enough to be his dad…but, not too old to hang out with him and have a SPECTACULAR time.

    That’s enough for now…God Bless all of you and a HUGE thanks goes out to Fro Dog and Genrebuster for “keeping it alive”!

    Jimmy D.

  3. genrebuster Says:

    EPIC post, Jimmy D. Thank you for taking the time. Fro…as young as you are, u da man. It was GREAT hanging with you in the city a couple of years ago…but hearing from you moments after the Cubs won the WS is unforgettable…

    I’m going to try to make it to Chicago the week of Sep 3…I need to visit my mom and stepdad; not sure at this moment I could stay through the weekend.

    Regardless, can we plan a meetup in Chicago at a later date? I can deal with cold or warm weather….who’s interested in making it happen?

    Fro….THANK YOU so much for keeping the site going after Bobby D. “disappeared”….I hope he got to see the Cubs win.

    All the Best, SS

  4. genrebuster Says:

    Also…rest assured, I am NOT the calmest…. 😉

  5. Erniesarmy Says:

    I have always wanted to come out to Chicago and see you guys. But, it won’t be for awhile. We’re broke. I hope one day that changes and I can take a flight out there, but as of now it’s impossible. I love all you guys. This site has been a great place to gripe and praise without being called a “fake fan” like they do on Facebook and “Bleed Cubbie Blue.” Cubs have been up and down all year, but there’s always hope. Right Genre?? Thank you Fro, for keeping the ball rolling.


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