Fire Matt Nagy! Ravens 17 – No-name, no-face Bears 16


Okay, just kidding. Sort of. Again.

Awful. Just awful. These new rules are making the game even more dangerous. I think Roger Goodell is a damn loon. Football is no longer football. And no, this isn’t me acting like some “Neanderthal.” I am all for making the game safer, but it’s not. It’s worse.

Chase Daniel throws an interception that’s not his fault. But then, he throws one that is.

Matt Nagy wasted his timeouts right before halftime instead of trying to practice real, in-game situations. So he totally fits the mold of head coach of the Bears. It’s fine, though. He’s in mid-season form.

The Bears made a nice comeback there at the end. But in typical Chicago Bear fashion, they fell just short. Let’s get em’ next time!

Your thoughts in this useless thread.


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