Stupidity nearly costs the game: Bears 24 Jets 10


I should be stoked today. Really. The Bears won the game and they actually didn’t blow a two-possession game (like they’ve done three times this year). But damn, it seemed like they were going to again. Why? Continue reading?

Eddie Jackson: The defense was brilliant nearly the entire game. A drive that would have been fourth and long for the Jets after an incompletion, Eddie Jackson decided to hit a receiver hard well after the play was over? The Jets had no chance whatsoever and this dumbass committed a late hit. 15-yard penalty and all of a sudden, the Jets go marching down and in the end zone for a touchdown.

Tarik Cohen: Good? 70-yard touchdown. Bad? Nearly giving the Jets a first and goal in the fourth when trying to pick up a rolling ball after a punt. Then, almost not even going after to fall down on the ball. This guy needs to stop being a fucking idiot.

Matt Nagy: This fucking guy makes things harder than they should be. The offense was certainly playing better in the second half, but damn. Some of these short yardage plays where all they need is a simple run up the middle, he’s calling running plays going outside or passing? Enough of this shit. Jordan Howard was kicking ass in the second half and he should have had the ball more. Nagy is the top reason why the Bears have blown three games already this year. And as far as the dumbass plays by Jackson and Cohen, he should have told both of them to take a seat. That would be a good move. Those players shouldn’t have played anymore in the game due to those two stupid decisions that nearly cost this team a game. That’s the only way those guys are going to learn.

Kyle Long: Hurt. Again. This. Fucking. Sucks. It appears to be a serious knee injury.

Next up: The Bills in Buffalo.

3 Responses to “Stupidity nearly costs the game: Bears 24 Jets 10”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Just ran the Marine Corps Marathon today, and I’m too tired to bitch. I’m just gonna say “Thank you God and thank you Bears,” and move on.

    Fire Lovie Smith. End of.

  2. Dave Says:

    I just don’t see it. Yes that was a stupid play by Goldman, Jets don’t even see the endzone at all if that doesn’t happen. But winning by 2 scores isn’t nearly losing. But to each their own. Hopefully Long is ok.

  3. Fro Dog Says:


    Lovie has to go. Today, it was reported that Hardy Nickerson resigned as the defensive coordinator. Well, giving up 60 points isn’t fun. That’s for sure. It’s terrible.


    The Bears were up two touchdowns when the penalty by Jackson happened. After, Darnold took the Jets all the way down for a touchdown with ease. It made it 17-10 with nearly an entire quarter to go. Seeing as how the Bears have blown the other three games this year (leading by two possessions in every one of them), I felt they were going down that road again. If the Bears don’t respond back with points on the following possession, I don’t think many would have been feeling too well.


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